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m/s Dostoyevskiy

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m/s Dostoyevskiy

The M/S Dostoevsky is a modern river motor ship built in Germany in 1981 (project 301) and fully renovated in 1996. It was specifically designed to accommodate travelers who share similar interests in leisure and travel. Our competent and friendly crew has been trained according to the highest hospitality standards, and is ready to assist with your requests. The M/S Dostoevsky features outside facing staterooms with panoramic windows, providing majestic views of the passing countryside. The air-conditioned cabins are comfortably furnished and have private shower. Laundry service is also available.

Technical Specs
Length 125 m
Breadth 16.7 m
Draught 2.76 m
Main engines 3x736 kW
Passenger capacity 230
Speed 26.2 km/h
Type 301

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