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50 Years of Victory

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50 Years of Victory

The "50 Years of Victory" is the largest and most modern nuclear-powered icebreaker in the world. For those with an appreciation of such vessels, the "Victory" is a new generation ship, an upgrade of the Arktika-class. Among its state-of-the-art features are a spoon-shaped bow designed for greater icebreaking ability, an automated, digitized control system, the most up-to-date nuclear safeguards and protection systems. As a working icebreaker, the "Victory" is vastly more suitable to life onboard than was its predecessor the "Yamal". Though its cabins and suites are as comfortable and spacious as were those on the "Yamal", the "Victory" offers its passenger much more room for socializing and get-togethers. Qualified chefs prepare a variety of international cuisine and experienced waitresses attend your needs. The bar has a large supply of alcoholic and soft beverages.

The "50 Years of Victory" is the property of the Russian Federation and has received maritime registration under the name "50 LET POBEDY".

Technical Specs
Length 160 m
Breadth 30 m
Draught 11 m
Power Plant 2 nuclear reactors, two steam turbines rotating six generators
Total Capacity 75,000 hp
Max Fuel Storage 4 years
Passengers 128
Crew 140
Registry Russia

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