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The Oriana cruise ship entered service in April 1995 as the first cruise liner custom-built for the British cruise market. She is specifically designed and equipped to operate world voyages. And embodies the classic lines, comfort and ambience of traditional ocean liners.

She was the fastest cruise ship built for 25 years, with an operating speed of 24 knots. Her high speed and technically advanced hull enable Oriana to operate the best and most far-reaching itineraries worldwide.

Like her predecessor, Oriana celebrates in her name the two great Elizabethan eras. She was named in Southampton on 6th April 1995 by Her Majesty, the Queen Elizabeth II. Combining elegance and classic cruising, Oriana's timeless style is a favourite with many. Wooden panelling, traditional artworks and tiered decks provide the most refined of settings. Her terraced stern and sense of history epitomise the romance of cruise travel. Broad decks, quiet nooks and sparkling pools invite you to linger and relax. And her open bow provides the perfect vantage point as you sail.

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