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Star Clippers

About Star Clippers
Star Clippers operates three of the world’s largest and tallest sailing vessels. The line is known as a premier specialty line and offers the activities, amenities and atmosphere of a private yacht.

The ambiance hearkens back to a grander age of sailing, with antique prints and paintings of famous sailing ships, teak and gleaming mahogany rails, polished brass and gleaming bright work. They still offer the modern conveniences with amenities such as swimming pools and more outdoor space per passenger than most conventional cruise ships.

Star Clippers Cruises is best for:
Singles, couples and families that are looking for a different type of sailing experience-the line operates three of the world’s largest and tallest sailing vessels. Travelers looking for a boutique type of small-ship experience, those who seek out the feeling of a private yacht, and cruisers looking for unique cruises away from the crowds.

The ships of Star Clippers Cruises:

  • Royal Clipper (227 passengers)
  • Star Clipper (170 passengers)
  • Star Flyer (170 passengers)

The atmosphere and experience onboard Star Clippers Cruises:

The ambiance is casual with a warm and welcoming feeling. The ships’ feeling of luxury is highlighted by the restaurant’s three-deck atriums, spacious cabins and suites, fine fittings and mahogany finish, The atmosphere, however, is easygoing and informal, with no real dress code and a relaxed, fun crew who encourage guests to learn about sailing and lend a hand with raising the sails. Guests are also permitted to enjoy the view from the main mast crow’s nest or lay out on the rope netting set off the ship’s transom over the ocean.

The destinations served by Star Clippers Cruises:

  • Panama Canal
  • Caribbean
  • Ocean Crossings
  • Western Mediterranean
  • Eastern Mediterranean
  • Grand Voyages
  • Cuba
  • Asia

The clientele of Star Clippers Cruises:
As the sailing experience is more active than other types of cruises, you’ll find a mix of ages and nationalities on any given cruise – any combination of Americans and Europeans (generally Brits and Germans). Safe to say, the passengers are active and physically fit, with average age about 50+. Many know how to sail and many are repeat guests.

Regarding children onboard Star Clippers Cruises: Children are welcome, but there are no structured programs providing supervision and care for young children

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