CRUISE QUIZ ~20 Questions …

Question #1: Which Cruise Ship company’s vessels are all lovely “Ladies?”

Answer: Virgin Voyages.  Thus far, her ships are named: Scarlet Lady, Valiant Lady, Resilient Lady and Brilliant Lady, to be launched in 2024.


Question #2: The Cruise Industry is bullish on building ships.  According to Cruise Lines international organization (CLIA) Environmental Technologies and Practices Report, August 2023, 44 new ships are currently on order.  As of 2019, that represents an estimated investment of:

  1. A) $780 million
  2. B) $10.2 billion
  3. C) $39 billion
  4. D) $62 billion

Answer: D), $ 62 billion.


Question #3: What cruise vessel has a Picasso lithograph hanging in a public bathroom?

Answer: That would be the Oceania Riviera, a gorgeous ship with over one million dollars’ worth of artworks featured in its public spaces. There’s even a map for customers to explore all that art.


Question #4: Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas, launched in 2022 currently holds the title for World’s Largest Cruise Ship. Soon, however a new Worlds Largest ship will debut. What’s the name of this ship and from what company?

Answer: Icon of the Seas again from Royal Caribbean. Icon of the Seas will carry a maximum capacity of 7,600 passengers. It will also have 20 decks!


Question #5: Every cruise ship (or any large commercial vessel for that matter) has a voice data recorder, (VDR) similar to what commercial airplanes have, and are critically important in case of an accident. Those onboard cruise ships, however are different in one significant way.  What is that?

Answer: Ship VDR’s are designed to float.


Question #6: Which cruise company has not one, but two vessels that have onboard helicopters available for excursions?

Answer: That would be the upscale line, Scenic Cruises.


Question #7: As of 2022, which port leads the world in total passenger capacity?

Answer: That would be PortMiami or Port of Miami, with 5,873,807 passengers last year. That’s a lot of sunglasses.


Question #8: Way before pleasure cruising, there were the Grand Explorers piloting ships into the vast unknown. Match the Explorer with his most famous ship.

  1. Jacque Cartier  1) Grande Hermie
  2. Vasco da Gama 2) Trinidad
  3. Henry Hudson 3) Endeavor
  4. Fernando Magellan 4) Sao Gabriel
  5. James Cook 5) Half Moon

Answer: Cartier – 1, Grande Hermine; da Gama – 4, Sao Gabriel; Hudson – 5, Half Moon; Magellan – 2, Trinidad; Cook – 3, Endeavor.


Question #9: I was once aboard the majestic Queen Mary II, and given a private tour of the massive galley spaces. At any one time, the vessel employs over 260 cooks and chefs who collectively speak about 26 languages. I asked them, which language has the best curses? The answer was unanimous.

Answer: French.


Question #9: Which Cruise company leads the industry with a whopping 79 cruise vessels?

Answer: Viking Cruise Lines. They currently have 69 river vessels and 10 ocean going ships. No matter where you want to go, there’s likely a Viking ship heading that way.


Question #10. This November, Miray Cruises, a small cruise line usually running itineraries out of Turkiye (Turkey), will soon be hosting the world’s longest cruise. How long is this voyage scheduled to last?

A)   150 nights

B)     4 months

C)    3 years

D)   1 year

E)     66 weeks

Answer: C) 3 years!  It plans to visit 135 countries and all seven continents. They are selling cabins by the month.


Question #11: Do you enjoy inland, or river cruising?  Well, what country leads the world, by far, with over 63,382 miles in total length of navigable rivers, canals, and other inland bodies of water?

Answer: Russia, more than double that of the next closest country, Brazil.


Question #12: It’s everywhere! Which Cruise company is now affiliated with the Professional Pickleball Association and all ships have a pickleball court?

Answer: Holland America Line.


Question #13: Which new vessel (launched in 2022) leads the world with 21 decks?

Answer: MSC World Europa.  That’s a lot of decks on a very tall ship!


Question #14:  Which famed comedian was recently named “Godfather” of the Carnival Venezia, which will be home ported in New York City. Hint, this comedian is originally from New Rochelle, New York.

  1. Jerry Seinfeld
  2. Jay Leno
  3. Jon Stewart
  4. Carl Reiner
  5. Dick Van Dyke

Answer: B) Jay Leno.  Note, the fictional Dick Van Dyke character resided in New Rochelle on his sixties era show, which was created by Carl Reiner.


Question #15: Which popular Cruise Line features the song: “When You Wish Upon a Star,” on all of its ships’ horns?

Answer: Disney Cruise Line


Question #16: About a year ago a luxury hospitality company expanded into the cruising category, which opulent company is it?

Answer: The Ritz-Carlton hotel brand debuted The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection in October 2022.  Can’t wait to experience it.


Question #17: Which cruise company launched the first wedding chapel hosting modern-day weddings at sea by the ships’ captains?

  1. Royal Caribbean
  2. Ponant
  3. Cunard
  4. P & O Cruises
  5. Princess Cruises

Answer: E) Princess Cruises which began its wedding chapel back in 1998.


Question #18: True or False, The Denmark Straight separates Denmark from Norway.

Answer: False: That body of water is called the Skagerrak. The Denmark Straight, on the other hand, is a cold body of water between southeastern Greenland and northern Iceland. Incidentally, the world’s largest known underwater waterfall, known as the Denmark Strait cataract, flows down the western side of the Denmark Strait.


Question #19: Shore Side Electricity Capabilities (SSE) is a growing movement for the cruise industry, eliminating the need to run ship engines in port. Which State’s cruise Ports lead the United State in SSE capabilities?

Answer: California with SSE in the Ports of San Francisco, Los Angeles/San Pedro, San Diego and Long Beach. You go, Golden State.


Question #20: Over 20 years ago, one company opened up the Mekong River to passenger cruising between Viet Nam and Cambodia. Which company was that?

Answer: Pandaw Cruises.


© Bob Ecker 2023

Bob Ecker is a Northern California based travel and wine writer.

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