Costa Cruises Children’s Program

Costa Cruises 


Infants must be at least 6 months of age at the time of embarkation to sail. Infants must be at least 12 months of age at the time of embarkation to sail on the following: trans-ocean crossings (Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, etc.), World cruises, cruises of 15 days or longer duration, and any other itinerary which may in the opinion of Costa Crociere or CCL present serious risk to infants in need of emergency medical care.


While cruising is a vacation for the whole family, Costa also provides quiet time for Mom and Dad. That can be during the day, while the kids are entertained in the Kids Club program, or at night, while the kids are with group baby-sitters. Mini and Maxi Club nighttime group baby-sitting, held in the children’s area, is a free of charge baby-sitting service until 1:30 am.

There is no night time baby-sitting service available for children under 36 months of age.


The children’s program is called Squok Club and is handed out to all children upon boarding by a member of the entertainment staff. The program shows the exact times of the different daytime and evening activities.

Infants and Toddlers (0–3 years)

Children must be at least three years old to participate in Costa Cruises’ children’s program. Children under the age of three are allowed to enter and stay in the children’s area only during certain times (not during busy times in high season) and must be accompanied by an adult.

Children (3–11 years)

For all children between the ages of three and seventeen, Costa Cruises’ Mini and Maxi clubs are open all day from 9 am until midnight.  This is a free group service. There are four Clubs. Two for children: Mini from 3–6 years and Maxi from 7–11; and two for teenagers: Teen Junior from 12–14 and Teen from 15–17. Teen Junior is only active during certain periods. Children under the age of three are allowed to enter and stay in the room only during certain times (not during busy times in high season) and must be accompanied by an adult. Activities include:

Arts and Crafts – Painting T-shirts, preparing costumes for theme nights, sculpting, edutainment in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund, and creativity and imagination courses.

Games – Treasure hunts, an interview with the Captain, sea games, Squolympics (Olympics for young athletes), group dancing lessons, a ship rally, and fun quizzes. Younger guests can have hours of fun in a pirate ship or the giant Lego brick room, with a vast assortment of video games.

Athletics – Volleyball, basketball, table tennis, table football, watersports, bowling, and shuffleboard.

Parties – Ice cream, Nutella, and chocolate parties, Spooky Halloween parties, Pirate parties, an evening at the circus, games at the Squokkotheque (Squok’s disco), fun fairs with face painting, and fancy dress parades with Squok, Costa Cruises’ half-shark, half-dolphin mascot.

In addition, there are two themed dinners for kids on every cruise, featuring menus designed by Costa Cruises’ chef for the younger guests.

The special Kid’s Menu that is served at every meal contains all the foods that kids love: spaghetti, pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled cheese, and ice cream. Costa also offers a Boys & Girls beverage card for ten non-alcoholic drinks.

Costa Cruises now features Peppa Pig. Children from 3 to 6 can meet Peppa Pig and enjoy Peppa Pig-themed activities in the Squok Club.

Tweens and Teens (12–17 years)

TeenZone activities for teens and junior teens (varying from ship to ship and high or low season) include:

Arts and Crafts – Tattoos and body painting, painting on TeenZone T-shirts, murals, ethnic or pearl necklace making, and preparation of costumes for themed evenings.

Games – Treasure hunts, Olympicteen and swimming pool games, video quizzes and quizzes on modern culture, ship rallies, talent shows, and international karaoke.

Education and Entertainment – Capoeira, hip-hop dancing, Latin and group dances, juggling, pantomime, clownery, magic, and video recording and editing.

Athletics – Volleyball, basketball, football, tennis, table tennis, table football, water polo, water basketball, water volleyball, darts, hoops, bowling, shuffleboard, and video games on giant screen.

Evening Events – Music match, election of Miss Teen and Mr. Teen, beach parties, themed evenings (including Peace & Love, Kitsch, Tribal, Rave, and Funk), and pool parties with a midnight dip.

Catered Entertainment –Tex Mex or Asian dinners, barbecues and pizzas, group breakfasts, Nutella parties, and a guitar party under the stars with pizzas and soft drinks.