Costa Mediterranea to end its winter sailings in Miami, next year the Luminosa will take her place

In less than week, Costa Mediterranea will say “arrivederci” to the Port of Miami and head home to Italy. The 19-day crossing will end Costa’s winter here, sailing eastern and western itineraries from Miami. The ship’s lavish statuary (lots of gilt and marble) and a dramatic 11-story atrium represent 18th and 19th century piazzas – luxurious, beautiful and, may I say it, slightly over the top.

And while Costa ships sail with a huge number of European guests, the line always has a share of North Americans on board. Food, entertainment and culture are geared to an international crowd.

For example, the three-story showroom offers a mix of production shows, cabaret, Vegas-style reviews and international performers.

Scott Knutson, Costa sales and marketing vice president, says “in Europe, from start to finish, we consider Costa a growing market for kids.”

The 10-year-old Mediterraneana is a twin to the newer Atlantica. Next winter the Caribbean itineraries will be offered aboard Costa’s new Luminosa.

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