Costa Cruises: Costa Toscana Cruise ~ Cruise End Roundup

When my week-long cruise aboard Costa Toscana ended, a friend asked what I liked best and if I would recommend a cruise on the new ship.

Definitely. And I would recommend taking the exact same itinerary I did. Round trip from Rome with stops in Naples, Barcelona, Valencia, Marseille and Savona. Only thing I would do differently about the itinerary is to spend a couple of days in Rome before boarding the ship.

After flying that far, I would like to rest up and tour Rome, then embark on Costa Toscana. I always recommend that cruisers try to arrive in the embarkation port at least a day before a cruise. If flights are cancelled or delayed, the ship can’t wait for a passenger who may be arriving after sail time.

Plus Rome is filled with so much history and so many attractions. Extend your stay a day or two and enjoy the city.

As for what I liked best on Costa Toscana, the crew was super. Stateroom attendants, restaurant servers, reception personnel, bartenders and other workers aboard a ship can make or break an awesome journey. Sad to say, I have been on cruises where the crew wasn’t interested in working or doing their jobs. They were unhappy for various reasons, I suppose, and they spread that contagious unhappiness to passengers.

The ship’s décor was lovely with many Italian flairs. My favorite spot was the Colosseo, the heart of the ship, that rose from Deck 6 to Deck 7 and Deck 8. No matter the time of day or night, it was pleasant to sit in the Colosseo and watch the entertainment or the lightshow that often would illuminate the screens and ceiling.

Entertainment on ships also is high on my list. Costa Toscana offers a diverse roster that should please anyone. One of my favorites was a salute to Freddie Mercury of Queen in “The Show Must Go On” by Frank Mazzeo.

The Colosseo was packed for Mazzeo who started his performance by admitting that no one could reproduce Mercury’s voice and appeal. But Mazzeo used his powerful voice to present some of Queen’s greatest hits in an energetic show.

Another night, I caught only part of the “State of Shock” homage to Michael Jackson presented in the ship’s theatre. What I saw was quite impressive, including the “moon-walking” choreography.

I didn’t get to see any of Maverick Lopez present his tribute to Bruno Mars in “Blinding Lights.” Was checking out the entertainment in another part of the ship. I saw violinist Nadia several times and enjoyed the soaring sounds of her electric violin.

As for the “Voice of the Sea” competition in the beautiful Colosseo, I was going to get up to leave when the program started. Was heading to another presentation but thought I’d stay for the first singer. The young man was so good that I stayed for all the competitors and to watch my tablemates use their remote controls to pick a winner. Passengers could pick up one of the remote controls at the theater entrance so they could vote.

On the important topic of food, Costa Toscana offers plenty with an emphasis on Italian cuisine. After all, Costa Toscana is an Italian vessel.

The bottom line is that I enjoyed my cruise and would recommend potential cruisers take a look at the Costa website, talk to a travel agent and book a cruise on Costa Toscana. If I ever get the chance to embark on Costa Toscana again, I would gladly raise my hand to volunteer, pack my suitcase and settle in for a flight to Rome.

Photos by Jackie Sheckler Finch

Many thanks to Costa Cruises for inviting All Things Cruise editor-at-large to the Costa Toscana christening that I got to take part in on her behalf and on behalf of All Things Cruise.

Editor’s Notes:

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