Computer classes: Another of my favorite activities on the QM2

QM2 Computer Center

Aboard the Queen Mary 2 – Today is the last full day aboard and I was just in the ConneXions computer center printing out boarding passes for our flight from London to Amsterdam tomorrow.

I have been in the computer center a lot this week, not to use the computers for email as I can do that from the laptop in my room, but to take classes from Graham Mitchell, the IStudy Computer Learning manager.

I have been using computers for years, of course, but have always been a PC person. But lately I have decided to finally convert to a Macbook Air laptop – mostly for its light weight and the ease in handling videos and photos. So I took one class from Mitch on learning the Lion Operating System (free) and another to learn the basics of IMovie ($30). Both were most helpful.

Then Chet and I both took a class on Ipads ($10 each)…and although this was primarily for him, I did learn a new trick or two.

Cunard has teamed up with Apple to outfit the entire ship with Apple equipment. There are 17 computers in the main internet center, where passengers can set up shipboard accounts and access their email and surf the internet. And there are another 18 computers with nice large screens in the separate learning center, which are available for practice when classes are not in session.

Mitch also leases out Ipad2s for a day or the week if you want to try one out. The rate is $25/day or $99 for the week which includes the “Using Your Ipad” workshop.

The Ipad workshops are the most popular and fill up quickly, Three sessions were held this week. However, the more technical IMovie classes only attracted four of us so it was an excellent hands-on session.

The entire Queen Mary 2 offers wireless internet access, so you can be online from your tablet or laptop or phone anywhere on the ship…which is a fast way to eat up minutes. The best thing to do is buy a “package” of internet minutes the first day aboard and monitor your use throughout the week.

June 23, 2012


2 thoughts on “Computer classes: Another of my favorite activities on the QM2”

  1. The writer early on tells us that this is not a cruise ship or cruise but an ocean liner on a crossing. Then, in each and every commentary she refers to the cruise and the cruise ship. What’s with that?

  2. Good observation….habit, I guess. Because this is still a cruise to everyone on board

    But thanks for noticing…

    Cindy Boal Janssens


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