Celebrity Millennium Alaska Cruise: Exploring the ship and my stateroom

Entering my stateroom for the first time is always fun on a cruise. I had seen pictures of my room on the Celebrity Millennium website but it is even more lovely in person.

Easy access, too. My cruise key card, which looks like a credit card, was waiting in a sealed envelope in a slot above my stateroom door when I boarded the ship. No need to stand in line at the cruise terminal to wait my turn to pick up a key.

By the way, those key cards do function as credit cards on the cruise. Buy a drink. Your card is charged. Pick up a souvenir in one of the ship shops. Your card is charged. The card also must be presented to leave the ship in ports of call and to board the ship when coming back.

That way, ship officials know who is on and who is off the ship when it is time to sail. Some passengers have a hole punched in their key cards at Guest Services so they can wear the card around their necks on a chain or fancy lanyard.

Just swipe the key card in front of my stateroom door and it opens. Once in the room, the card does not need to be inserted in the light switch as it does on some cruise ships. Push the light switch and all the cabin interior lights come on.

My stateroom veranda is one of my favorite parts of cruising. With two chairs and a small table, I can sit out here and watch the ocean roll and the scenery change.

Most cabins on the Celebrity Millennium have ocean views and balconies, plus the penthouse suites are some of the largest on cruise ships.

                                 $500 Million Fleet-Wide Modernization

Launched in July 2000, the Celebrity Millennium was revitalized as part of a $500 million fleet-wide modernization in February 2019. I never saw the Millennium before her makeover but she is a beauty now.

Namesake of the Millennium-class ships celebrating the new century in 2000, Celebrity Millennium has 11 guest desks with a maximum occupancy of 2,593 passengers. On my seven-night Alaska Dawes Glacier Cruise, the ship was sailing at less than half capacity with 1,153 passengers.

The Celebrity Millennium is sleek and stylish with a beautiful central atrium and stunning white onyx stairway down the center. The sweeping staircase is lined with three-story-high mahogany pillars surrounded by long flowing white curtains. The translucent steps are lighted for a soft glow. To me, the grand staircase looks like a stunning fusion of ancient Greek mythology and contemporary design.

An abundant use of marble and wood accents throughout the ship adds a luxurious European touch. The ship décor is very light and airy. Even the glass elevators have ocean views which I really appreciate. In my opinion, being able to see the ocean is a main reason for cruising. Otherwise, I might as well just be in a fancy hotel.

The Sky Lounge near the top of the ship features wraparound floor-to-ceiling windows and a dance floor. The place seems to be hopping whenever I’ve stopped in. Also popular are the Martini Bar and Crush on Deck 4. These twin bars are located along the main thoroughfare on Deck 4 and the bartenders always seem to be busy.

The oval-shaped Martini Bar is ice-topped. Yep, the bar top is covered in ice with bottles of liquor cooling and ready to drink. This area is a good place to sit, maybe enjoy a specialty cocktail and listen to the live music.

The Rendezvous Lounge on Deck 4 also has live entertainment and is one of the main spots for daytime activities. The Retreat Lounge on Deck 4 offers a glass-enclosed bar exclusively for suite passengers.

The Sunset Bar on the back of Deck 10 is the perfect spot to admire the scenery while eating or drinking or just relaxing. The Sky Lounge on Deck 11 has floor-to-ceiling windows and is a main entertainment venue in the evening.

The Rooftop Terrace on Deck 12 is where movies are sometimes shown. Viewers can get comfy with a blanket from a nearby stack and catch a flick. On my cruise, some of the movies shown so far have been “Into the Wild,” “A Quiet Place Part III” and “Never Cry Wolf.”

Of course, the Celebrity Millennium has a casino, spa, fitness center, theatre, photo studio and shopping area plus an art gallery where folks can browse through various art work. One of my nephews bought a painting on a years-ago cruise and it now hangs in my guest bedroom at home.

There are no self-service laundry facilities, but you can pay to have items washed, dry cleaned or pressed. A medical facility is on Deck 1. The ship has three swimming pools, including the pool in the covered Solarium plus six whirlpool hot tubs. The adults-only Solarium on Deck 10 has a resistance pool, sparkling waterfalls, two whirlpools, thickly padded lounge chairs and the AquaSpa Café, all enclosed within glass walls and a glass roof.

Kids’ programs on Deck 11 are complimentary and divided into age groups. Each of the program rooms are brightly decorated and filled with fun features. Eighty children are on my cruise, more than half of them teens. Activities are age appropriate and include four categories – recreation, culinary, art and S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

Abundant Storage Space in My Stateroom

Back to my stateroom, it has a big comfy bed and storage galore. My suitcase fits easily under the bed. My backpack went in the closet. And the two sides of the closet have more hangers than I need, plus two robes to use on the cruise and a complimentary reusable Celebrity tote to take home with me.

A desk has four drawers plus three shelves, several electrical outlets, a chair and mirror. The hairdryer is in the bottom desk drawer if anyone goes looking for it. I don’t use a hairdryer but have seen them stuffed in various places aboard other ships. I’ve even heard passengers calling housekeeping asking for a hairdryer, not knowing it was in the bottom of the bedside table or some other unexpected place.

A sofa and coffee table, a safe and huge flat-screen TV are nice additions. Using the interactive TV features, I can keep tabs on the day’s activities, as well as on my cruise charges. Very handy.

My queen-size bed has Celebrity eXhale bedding, cabin attendant Shivraj told me. I had never heard of it but it is plush and pleasing. Small nightstands with shelves are on either side of the bed with lamps and electrical outlets. Room darkening blinds can be pulled to shut out the sunshine. Mine are never closed because I want to see any ocean views day or night.

The bathroom has a large glass-doored shower, plenty of hot water and a long sink counter with drawers and shelves. Shower toiletries for shower gel, shampoo and conditioner are in reusable bottles. A reusable bottle on the sink contains hand lotion and two bars of soap are on the counter.

A small fridge is behind a cabinet door next to the closet. Having a fridge is a big bonus. The Millennium fridge, however, is already full of expensive drinks, vodka and snacks. A can of Coke in the fridge costs $3.50 plus a 20 percent tip. Shivraj told me he could remove the fridge contents if I wanted to use it for my own items. But after feeling the inside of the fridge, I knew it was useless.

As Shivraj explained, the fridge is a “cooler.” It definitely is not cold like my refrigerator at home. Drinks would have been kept lukewarm in that cruise appliance so I just ignored it.

Shortly after I boarded the ship, Shivraj knocked on my stateroom door and asked what time I would like to have my room cleaned each day. That is a nice option. Every night, Shivraj also freshens my stateroom, turns down the bed covers and leaves a daily planner program and a piece of wrapped chocolate on my bed.

The planners are a wealth of information about what will be going on the next day. That info, plus much more, also can be found on the Celebrity cruise app which can be downloaded to cell phones.

Now, I’m going to head to the ship’s Metropolitan restaurant for lunch. Read more about the Celebrity cuisine in an upcoming cruise post. Always delicious choices on the menus of Celebrity Millennium.

Photos by Jackie Sheckler Finch


  1. The ship’s planner contains information about the day’s activities.


  1. The central atrium has a sweeping staircase (Cover photo)


  1. My stateroom.


  1. Ship shopping area.


  1. Children’s playroom.


  1. The Solarium.


  1. Metropolitan dining room.


  1. Young passengers showing me their souvenir ship.


  1. The ship’s public restrooms are well maintained.


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