Caribbean cruise aboard the MSC Divina: Day 1

MSC Divina (Photo courtesy of MSC Cruises)

ABOARD THE MSC DIVINA-We glided out of Port Miami promptly at 7pm last night. It is strange to use a verb like “glided” to describe a a vessel weighing close to 140,000 tons, but that is exactly how this ship left Miami.

We were at dinner, in the aft dining room dubbed Villa Rossa, at a table overlooking the water, and it was lovely to watch.

And make no mistake, when they name a dining room Villa Rossa, it is RED!

Consider magnificent red Viennese draperies, lovely carpets and gold-toned accents throughout.

Consider as well an international staff from as far away as India who have made the transition from manifests with largely European guests to, for example, this school vacation manifest which features lots and lots of families and about 80 percent from the U.S. The restaurant staff were superb last night

Following the crowds meandering along beautiful Deck 7 we made our way to the lovely Pantheon Theater and a “golden oldie”tribute showcasing many songs of my younger days and particularly some outstanding Frank Sinatra classics.

I made my requisite deposit in the ship’s casino and having gambled my limit for the day, turned in early .

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