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Lindblad Expeditions

 Lindblad Expeditions
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About Lindblad Expeditions:

Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic have joined forces to further inspire the world through expedition travel.  The multifaceted strategic alliance that Lindblad Expeditions has with the National Geographic Society (NGS), enables Lindblad travelers to participate in the world of natural and cultural history as engaged, active explorers who care about the planet.

Lindblad is focused on finding creative ways to explore the places already “discovered.” Their growing fleet of small expedition ships, Zodiacs, sea kayaks, onboard Naturalists and underwater cameras are all examples of how Lindblad continually strives to help open the eyes of their guests when it comes to truly exploring. They do this because they believe the more their guests connect with these incredible places, the more they will become a force for preserving and protecting them.

Under the guidance of experienced leaders, including expert Naturalists and other specialists, including National Geographic Photographers, who have a great respect for natural and cultural environments, Lindblad Expeditions continues to approach expedition travel as a catalyst for making a difference in one’s life, and in the world.

“All the animals and land throughout the planet are held in trust by us. We have no right to destroy or change this heritage so that it becomes unrecognizable. We have a duty to pass the planet along to future generations in as unspoiled a way as possible. This requires intelligence, foresight, understanding and creative effort.”

– Lars-Eric Lindblad from his book Passport to Anywhere

Lindblad Expeditions ships:

  • Delfin II, 28 Passengers
  • Jahan, 48 Passengers
  • Lord of the Glens, 48 passengers
  • National Geographic Endeavour II, 96 passengers
  • National Geographic Endurance, 126 passengers
  • National Geographic Explorer, 148 passengers
  • National Geographic Islander, 48 passengers
  • National Geographic Orion, 102 passengers
  • National Geographic Quest, 100 passengers
  • National Geographic Resolution, 126 passengers
  • National Geographic Sea Bird, 62 passengers
  • National Geographic Sea Lion, 62 passengers
  • National Geographic Venture, 100 passengers
  • Oberoi Philae, 42 passengers
  • Sea Cloud, 58 passengers

Lindblad Expeditions destinations:

  • Alaska
  • Baja California
  • Caribbean
  • Pacific Northwest
  • Canada
  • California Coast
  • Amazon
  • Galapagos
  • Peru
  • Patagoina
  • Baltics
  • Scottland
  • Mediterranean
  • British and Irish Isles
  • Holland, France and England
  • Costa Rica and Panama
  • Belize and Guatemala
  • Vietnam and Cambodia
  • South Pacific and French Polynesia
  • Antarctica
  • Arctic and Russian Far East
  • Egypt

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