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Poseidon Expeditions

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About Poseidon Expeditions: Travel broadens the mind and widens our horizons, or so the old cliche goes. Yet, despite the triteness of this expression, Poseidon Expeditions firmly believes that there is no better way to see the world and experience all that it has to offer than by taking an expedition cruise. Nowhere on Mother Earth can the excitement of a new experience be any greater than by taking a voyage into the polar regions, to Antarctica or the High Arctic, perhaps even braving the polar ice cap to reach the North Pole. These destinations are not only remote with unique wildlife and fantastic icescapes, but also environmentally sensitive. Poseidon Expeditions understands this, and an important role for the field staff and guides on every expedition voyage of the field staff is to educate passengers about environmental and wildlife conservation issues. Travelers today are concerned about these matters, and want to experience the Arctic and Antarctica first hand. In this way, they really become ambassadors for these wilderness areas when they return home.

Few places on earth can parallel the remoteness of the far north: polar bears, arctic foxes, walruses and seals and snow owls. At the Antarctic Peninsula, guests observe multiple varieties of penguins and other birdlife, seals, sea lions and whales. An expedition voyage to the Arctic or Antarctica is a sense arousing, heart-opening experience that touches the very soul of all who have ever ventured into these unique domains where beauty, silence, and awe all intermingle to create an image so intense it brands itself into the mind forever.

Poseidon Expeditions Ships:

  • 50 years of Victory, 128 passengers
  • m/v Sea Spirit, 114 passengers
  • Kapitan Dranitsyn, 100 passengers

Poseidon Expeditions Destinations:

  • North Pole icebreaker voyages
  • Arctic, including Spitsbergen, Iceland, East Greenland, Franz Josef Land
  • Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia and Falkland Islands

Additional information about Poseidon Expeditions:

All expeditions comply with all International requirements and guidelines for conservation of natural resources and wildlife. Poseidon Expeditions requires its passengers to follow certain rules of conduct while aboard, ashore and on ice.

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