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AIDA Cruises

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Information about AIDA Cruises: In the beginning, there was the idea of a holiday at sea beyond the classic cruise, with absolutely no traditions or conventions. Traveling with the first club cruiser of its kind was to be both active and casual at the same time.

As a combined tour operator and shipping company, AIDA Cruises operates and markets fascinating holidays on water to destinations like the Mediterranean, Canaries, North and Baltic Sea, the Caribbean and Middle America.

*Note:  AIDA Cruises is geared for the German-speaking guest; their website is in German.

AIDA Cruises Destinations:

  • Mediterranean
  • Canaries
  • North and Baltic Sea
  • Caribbean
  • Middle America
  • Southeast Asia

AIDA Cruises Ships:

  • AIDAaura, 633 cabins
  • AIDAbella, 1,025 cabins
  • AIDAblu, 1,096 cabins
  • AIDAcara, 590 cabins
  • AIDAcosma, 2,732 cabins
  • AIDAdiva, 1,025 cabins
  • AIDAluna, 1,025 cabins
  • AIDAmar, 1,096 cabins
  • AIDAmira, 714 cabins
  • AIDAnova, 2,626 cabins
  • AIDAperla, 1,643 cabins
  • AIDAprima, 1,643 cabins
  • AIDAsol, 1,096 cabins
  • AIDAstella, 1,096 cabins
  • AIDAvita, 633 cabins

Additional Information About AIDA Cruises:

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