Betsa Marsh’s Bio

Betsa MarshBetsa Marsh, a Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Award winner, is a writer and photographer who’s reported from every continent. She’s cruised from Antarctica to the Arctic Circle, from Istanbul to Tahiti. Her heart is with small, historic ships of legend, but she revels in the well-brewed cup of tea and aromatherapy massage of a grand luxury ship, too. Betsa writes for print and online media across North America, as well as her own website. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is president of the Society of American Travel Writers.


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  1. Hi Betsa!

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I’m in Zion NP biking and hiking this week. Thanks for thinking of me for the SATW presidency. It’s an honor, but I’m going to pass right now. With two children in high school and a new business venture I started with my side, it’s not the best time to throw my name into the ring. Thanks again!


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