Austria: Prettiest part of the Danube thus far

On the day after Thanksgiving, as our countrymen were standing on line waiting to buy electronics or sweaters, many of my fellow passengers and I climbed back aboard AMADolce after a brief walking tour of the little (350 people qualifies as “little,” doesn’t it?) town of Durnstein, Austria.

It was cold and windy, tiny drops of moisture – not even qualifying as a drizzle – dropped onto our heavy coats. Our faces reddened by the early morning cold and wind, we were glad to be “home” and to be greeted by the ship’s staff with warm washcloths, an absolutely great touch.

The AMADolce is a welcoming home

Durnstein is where Richard the Lionhearted was imprisoned for six months in 1692 and where Napoleon was defeated in 1815.

Cruising between Durnstein and Melk we passed outstanding scenery. Many of us wrapped ourselves in heavy blankets and stood on the Sun Deck to view the vineyards, castles and churches along the way. It was the prettiest part of the Danube thus far.

Last night was a wine pairing dinner with three reds and a white from the Rodney Strong vineyards – the Pinot Noir was superb – followed by a marvelous violin concert in the Lounge.

It was a full and entertaining day.

Tomorrow: If this is Saturday AMADolce is in Linz, Austria.


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