Arriving in Paris to board L’Impressioniste

On the train, Euro Star, enroute to Paris.

Oops. No connection.

Now it is the end of the day and I am all settled into my room aboard L’Impressioniste, a marvelous 12-passenger barge. I took Euro Star from London early this morning, taxied to the hotel meeting place and met a contingent of seven other passengers with whom we traveled to the barge. A traveling friend, Lois Gerber, met me and together we boarded the barge.

The vessel is a former Dutch cargo barge. Completely refurbished, the crew of six (dealing with a manifest of seven) takes great care of us.

For example, dinner was a grand duck dish following a fresh asparagus and homemade mayonnaise appetizer, then there was a cheese course and a summer fruit gratine dessert.

Everyone else has gone to bed.

This barge is much more posh than the Actief on which Mort, my late husband, and I barged on the Thames some 15 years ago. Cabins are a bit larger, too.

I am looking forward to the next six days, my new favorite sailing vessel, new friends and the canals – and wines – of Burgundy.

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