Are Baby Boomers and Gen Y Able to Happily Coexist on the Same Cruise Ship?

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Are Baby Boomers and Gen Y Able to Happily Coexist on the Same Cruise

AllThingsCruise Offers Solutions
for Mixing Baby Boomers & Gen Y (aka Echo Boomers, Generation Me and
Millennials) on a Cruise Ship.

DETROIT (Oct. 6, 2011) — Baby Boomers, people between the ages of 46
and 65, make up roughly one quarter of the U.S. population, according to the
Pew Research Center. These 79 million Boomers, now mature and with adult
children of their own (known as Gen Y), are also the top demographic for cruise

Since, as a group, Gen Y are said to be much closer to their family than
their parents’ generation, multi-generational vacations have become extremely
popular. Agreeing to go on vacation together is not the issue; it’s simply that
Gen Y has a totally different concept of fun than their parents. The term
“generation gap” is not just an expression, so is there a way for Gen Y and the
Baby Boomer parents to travel happily together?

The answer is “yes” and can be found in a cruise; but the logistics can be

Most Baby Boomers are looking for a small ship experience, no crowds, with
time to relax, read and indulge in spa treatments. They want sleepy mornings
drinking coffee on a balcony, gourmet dinners and a piano bar at night … all
the things that would likely bore Gen Y (the teenagers, college crowd and
20-somethings) to tears. They’re looking for action-oriented types of fun:
action, crowds, rock climbing, casinos, nightclubs and the ultimate sports
adventures. They also, statistically, have a greater need for connectivity;
according to Forrester Research, Gen Y is almost twice as likely as Boomers to
use social tools. They are heavily dependent on their smart phones, and commonly
use carriers such as Verizon
and AT&T

The travel experts at AllThingsCruise
say one cruise ship can satisfy all these varied wants and needs. Boomers can
find sanctuary and relaxation while Gen Y stays entertained, active and happy
throughout a cruise.

Following are the details on which lines are best for the Boomers and Gen Y,
their amenities, and on board policies.

Caribbean International:

Baby Boomers:RCI
does a wonderful balancing act. For parents looking for a feeling of
exclusivity, there’s the Enhanced Program for suite guests, offering amenities
like priority check-in, Concierge Club service, reserved and/or private meal
seating, VIP pool deck seating, complimentary valet service and a priority
departure lounge. The accommodations are will work for everyone and no one will
have to share a bathroom.

Gen Y: RCI sets the standard for youth-oriented amenities like
200-foot-high rock-climbing walls, pool wave machines, late night disco parties
and sports competitions. The newer ships (Freedom of the Seas and Liberty of
the Seas) have a few extras, too, like a boxing ring and the H2O Zone water
park, along with the Flowrider, that allows guests to surf right on the cruise

Accommodations on Royal Caribbean to please the Boomers:

Two-Bedroom Suites require five people. Neither of these suites adjoins
another like it.

Royal Family Suites have enough space to accommodate eight, with two bedrooms
including four twin beds, two Pullman beds and a newly upgraded double sofa
bed. All have a separate living area, two bathrooms, vanity area, refrigerator
and a new flat-screen TV among their amenities.

Notes regarding On-Board Communications, Alcohol and Gambling on Royal

• Generally the gambling age is 18 and drinking age is 21, but 18 to 21 may
be allowed in adult clubs.

• The minimum drinking age for all alcoholic beverages on all Royal Caribbean
International ships is 21. However, on cruises departing from European and
South American countries, where the legal drinking age is typically lower than
21, a parent whose children are 18 to 20 years’ old may sign a waiver allowing
those children to consume alcoholic beverages.

• Passengers must be 18 to gamble in the casino (21 on Alaska cruises).

• No guest under the age of 21 will be reserved in a stateroom unless
accompanied by an adult 21 years of age or older. This age limit will be waived
for minor children sailing with their parents or guardians in adjacent
staterooms or under-aged married couples (proof of marriage is required).

• Royal Caribbean has six designated “Hot Spots” aboard each ship for Wi-Fi
access. Working through your own laptop, the base rate is $.65 per minute, but
pre-paid packages are also available. Ships have Internet Cafes for access to
the email and internet. Check with both the cruise line and wireless carrier to
identify any additional calling/texting costs.

Cruise Line
: to see detailed information about this line, please
click here.

Cruise Line:
to see detailed information about this line, please
click here.

Cruise Line:
to see detailed information about this line, please
click here.

to see detailed information about this line, please
click here.

On Board Communications:

Those who are accustomed to being “wired” 24/7 may have some issues on a
cruise… online charges can soar quickly while on a ship. Be aware that there is
a per-minute charge for usage; check into pre-paid plans, they tend to be
significantly cheaper than the pay-as-you-go options offered by the cruise
lines. Another thing to consider is that communications are done via satellite,
which may experience disruptions in service and tends to operate more slowly
that it’s land-based counterparts.

Be sure to check with your carrier before embarking- you will likely be better
off, cost-wise converting to one of their “travel” plans for the duration of
your cruise. And, if there is some unconceivable circumstance racks up a really
large bill, don’t be afraid to contact your carrier directly to discuss the
charges- they are able, and many times willing, to reduce the charges.

Notes on mobile device usage aboard the lines: to see
information on communications guidelines aboard a cruise ship please
click here.

Verizon’s Cruise Ship Cellular Rates and Policies: to see
information on this carrier’s cruise ship communications, please
click here.

AT&T’s Cruise Ship Cellular Rates and Policies: to see
information on this carrier’s cruise ship communications, please
click here.

All of these lines have excellent facilities for traveling with generations of
adults; it’s a great way to get parents and their grown children vacationing at
the same time, in the same place. Each can pursue their individual interests,
while coming together for that much-desired family time- a win for all those
with busy schedules who still want to carve out time to enjoy the important
things in life.


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