An unbelievable offer from Dream Maker Vacations

My friend Rick Hazan with Dream Maker Vacations is presenting a wonderful offer for those of you looking for a European river cruise this summer, and I just had to pass along this information… Warm Regards, Heidi

My name is Rick Hazan and, like you, I am a cruising enthusiast. I’ve been on countless cruises, experiencing exotic and beautiful ports and countries like Madagascar, Mumbai, New Zealand and Chile.

I’d like to share with you my latest passion in cruising ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­– river cruising. If like me, you have cruised long enough to remember when a “large ship” was 1,000 people, that ships were more inclusive without all the extras, and the crew actually knew your name, you will love river cruising.

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p.s. We have an unbelievable offer for you.

First, I personally like to know about pricing, so here’s a tip:  If you book the river cruises outlined below by April 13, 2012, in addition to our already amazing price you can save up to an additional $150 per person by using the Danube-apr-blast discount code when you book with us.

The credits break down as follows: $50 for Window, $100 for mid-deck French Balcony, and $150 for top-deck French Balcony. There are limited cabins of 10-15 on each departure date.

Now a little about this adventure…………..Having taken four European river cruises (with my fifth later this year) it is easy to see why this type of travel is now in high demand, despite the higher initial price point. And here’s the good news – you’ll find that our pricing is affordable.

Traditionally, there have been two methods to tour Europe. You could either live out of a suitcase, traveling from hotel to hotel, or take an ocean cruise. Unfortunately, neither of them was a great option. Packing and unpacking as you moved was tiring and time consuming, and ocean cruises also posed a problem: the ships must dock at ports far away from many of the great cities of Europe like Vienna, Budapest, Prague and Strasbourg.

River cruising solves all that, as most of Europe’s historic cities are located right along the rivers. You unpack only once for seven nights of scenic cruising right on the rivers along these picturesque cities, towns and villages, while enjoying good food and wine and luxurious accommodations.

River cruising is like the cruising of a forgotten era, with intimate ships of only 150 passengers or so. When you consider that many amenities are included with your river cruise, such as wine with dinner and many of your sightseeing tours it is a wonderful value. It is one of the greatest ways to travel and experience the best of Europe, and no affordable with prices from $1,999 for an outside cabin.

Right now Dream Maker Vacations has an amazing deal on a five-star Danube River Cruise that starts on three different peak season dates – September 10, 2012, September 17, 2012, and October 1, 2012. We also have a Five Star Rhine River Cruise that embarks on three different peak dates as well – August 1, 2012, August 29, 2012, and October 10, 2012. This peak time of year is rarely discounted (at least on the newer ships), so these five star cruises are a real find.

We are able to offer you 30-40% off the current going river cruise market rate on the modern Amadeus Diamond and the Amadeus Princess ships.

For voyages on the Danube, you have the choice of three peak season sailings. You can select from the above departure dates cruising between Budapest and Nuremberg with the option to visit Prague. Plus, if you book by April 13, 2012, you will save between $50 and $150 per person by using the Danube-apr-blast discount code when you book with us. Your price includes an outside cabin, seven tours and all meals, including wine with dinner. The prices start at $1,999 for an outside cabin. For more information and photos visit our website at or by e-mailing

For the Rhine River Cruise, you also have the choice of three peak season voyages (listed above) that sail between Amsterdam and Basel (Switzerland), which is just a few hours from Paris. The same great savings are available for the Rhine; simply book by April 10, 2012, and you will save between $50-150 per person. Price includes seven tours and all meals, and starts at $1,999 for an outside cabin. For more information, go to our website at or email

River cruising has become the hottest sector in the market and I’d like to share some answers to common questions about this way of seeing the world. Click on any underlined link to read more detailed information.

Q. When is the most popular time to go on a river cruise in Europe?

A. The last two weeks of May or the month of September have the overall best weather and are therefore the most in demand.

Q. What are the main differences between an ocean cruise and a river cruise?

A. River cruising is not like an ocean cruise, it is more like a traveling on a sailing boutique hotel that moves gently down the river. Some distinctions are: fewer people (generally about 150), docking right in town, not in some far away port, frequent overnight stays in a port, included tours, and calm waters. At the same time, river cruises generally do not have onboard casinos or a dizzying array of live acts on board. Read nine reasons to take a river cruise over an ocean cruise.

Q. What is the service like?

A. Fewer people mean more attentive service and a more personal relationship with the staff. On the quality lines you will find the service levels to be quite high.

Q.   What is the food like on board?

A. The food is comparable to the quality of many ocean cruise lines, but generally with less selection. However, most river cruise lines are able to handle special food requests and have a few standard ‘always available’ items.

Q.   Are there assigned seating and times?

A. Most ships have open seating, allowing you to select the people you would like to dine with at each meal. Breakfast and lunch have opening and closing times, while dinner has one seating time and you are asked to arrive close to the opening time.

Q. What are the cabins like?

A. Very much like the ones you find on an ocean liner. They are approximately the same size and always have full facilities. Most have satellite TV (as you are never away from shore it works nearly all the time), safes, desks and similar storage. Beds generally can be configured to be one king or two twin beds.

Q.   Why do river cruises seem to cost so much more than ocean cruises?

A. The river cruise overall is an excellent value, and is actually much more inclusive than ocean liners, which over the years have made many services and amenities a pay-as-you-go proposition. River cruises generally only have 150 passengers on board, and do not get the savings from volume – having 3,000 to 5,000 passengers like larger ships. Also, they do not have large shopping malls, art auctions or other high-priced offerings that generate revenue from the passengers on board. Keep in mind that river cruises do not operate year round. So, the overall expense may initially seem to be more, but then consider that river cruises only offer outside cabins, include many tours, and include wine with dinner, and you can start to see the value.

Q. Is English spoken on board?

A. For the lines that we suggest, English is the common language spoken on board and there is also an English-speaking Cruise Director.

Q. Is there any tendering?

A. You do not tender, which saves you time. Additionally, because you are on a river you will always be in sight of land and you will always dock in port. Most of the ports are right in the heart of the city.

Q.   Is there a doctor onboard?

A. No, but as the ship always sails close to shore, so in the event of an emergency, medical service can be requested promptly.

Q. What are services are found on board?

A. Many of the modern vessels have internet available, laundry service, fitness rooms and are non-smoking inside.

Q. What is the dress code?

A. During the daytime casual attire is the norm. Shorts are acceptable during the day. At dinner it is casual dress with a collared shirt (e.g., polo) and pants. Be sure to bring comfortable walking shoes as some of your tours are sure to include walking.

Q.   Are sightseeing tours expensive?

A. Many tours are already included in the price that you pay for the cruise. On some routes there are a few options, but at prices you would generally expect.

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  1. For anyone thinking about trying a river cruise–don’t wait, just do it!!! My husband and I took one for our 35th Wedding Anniversay sailing up the Danube and it was fantastic. We cruise on the large ships, but they don’t compare to the river cruise. Excursions were terrific and you really get to see the cities up close and personal. Loved every minute of it and looking forward to taking another one. Try it, I’m sure you will really enjoy it.


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