An interlude…

ISTANBUL, Turkey — The past four days on this cruise were extremely busy. We visited Belgrade, cruised the Iron Gates, then visited Bulgaria and yesterday we left the ship.

Although well organized, it was a very full day including a hour’s drive to Bucharest, a tour of that capital city of Romania, then lunch, then a flight to Istanbul and then an hour-and-a-half bus ride into the city to our hotel. (For some reason, the bus that left after us arrived a half hour before us…but that is typical of a travel day!)

We did manage to find a nice local place for dinner, DIANA, thanks to Bart and many from the ship were there.

We are now embarking on two full days of touring here and then a long trip back to Michigan.

So I may not get back to this for a few days but, trust me, I will catch up.

I know that many from the ship are now reading this and I welcome you to comment on my posts, adding your observations about the trip and the places we visited.

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