All Things Cruise eNewsletter & Webinar Media Kit

All Things Cruise eNewsletter & Webinar Media Kit

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About All Things Cruise & Sea Tales Newsletter is a popular website devoted to cruise enthusiasts, dedicated to the joy of cruise travel and planning the best cruise vacations ever.

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Enhancement to eNewsletters: Online Webinar to Consumers – $7050

The Investment:

Online Webinars, see details here:

Webinar $7050, includes an additional 7 eNewsletter touches. See below

Additional eNewsletters are $3590. each solo drop

Includes the following seven (7) total communications with subscribers.

Pre-Webinar Newsletters

Mailing 1 – Inclusion into Currents newsletter – “Invitation to Hold the Date”

Mailing 2 – Solo exclusive “Invitation” for Online webinar  (1).

Mailing 3 – Reminder to those who registered about the webinar

Mailing 4 – One (1) solo email (with an exclusive offer to attend the webinar) to approximately 401,000+ subscribers, plus a rebroadcast

Cruise line to provide a special offer to the consumers with a booking window in partnership with a travel agency.

Works in conjunction with a CruiseCompete member travel agent taking calls during webinar and same evening – CruiseCompete staff hosts webinar.

Post-Webinar eNewsletters

Mailing 5 – List of questions asked by consumers emailed after the event sent to all participants

Mailing 6 – Follow-up email with video to attendees who signed up for webinar

Mailing 7 – Follow-up inclusion mention in blog

All social media site visitors are also invited to the webinars.

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For the Webinar, 1 online webinar – Dates to be offered by CruiseCompete and are non-changeable due to staffing requirements


The experience for the consumers has been touted as fantastic. Our subscribers tell us they love the webinars and there is an over 50% open rate for follow-up information.

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