AllThingsCruise eNewsletter Statistics

A case study of the AllThingsCruise eNewsletter statistics reveals the following:

When comparing sales results year over year,

Revenue increased significantly in all cases with the purchase of eNewsletter advertising.

We looked at three types of cruise lines: two Contemporary / Premium cruise lines, two Luxury lines, and two River Cruise lines.

In year one (1), these lines did not take advantage of CruiseCompete e-mail promotion, while in year two (2), we sent consistent messages promoting these specific lines to our subscriber base of 470,000+ cruise consumers.

While this type of promotion can increase revenues in three channels:

  1. direct sales to the cruise line
  2. sales via non-CruiseCompete member-travel agencies
  3. sales via CruiseCompete member agencies

we can only track sales via the CruiseCompete channel.

Revenue booked via CruiseCompete increased in all 3 cases:

Contemporary / Premium
Contemporary / Premium 1: revenue increased 23.0%
Contemporary / Premium 2: revenue increased 47.9%

The average increase for Contemporary / Premium lines that did not send mailings was

Luxury – Ultra-Luxury
Luxury 1: revenue increased 96.3%
Luxury 2: revenue increased 115.1%

The average increase for luxury lines that did not send mailings was 58.9%

River 1: revenue increased: 141.5%
River 2: revenue increased:  19.4%

The on average, revenue for river cruise lines that did not send mailings
decreased by 23.4%

In summary. consistent communications with our cruise audience increases sales.

Note: revenue totals do not include 2 additional channels which our subscribers tell us they use.