Abracadabra!! Crystal Cruises Announces Partnership with Magic Castle

Image courtesy of Crystal Cruises

Okay, yes, I admit it.  I am a fan of magic shows.  In fact, I was delighted this summer when my children decided to attend magic camp and learn some tricks of the trade.

I was disappointed, however, to learn that they were sworn to a “Magician’s Code of Secrecy” that did not permit them to pass along their newly learned secrets to a non-magician.  (Of course, their professionalism in performing was perhaps not up to the highest standards, so I was able to, shall we say, glean some information on my own.)

I could do this on a much grander scale, however, if I chose to take a voyage with Crystal Cruises.  They’ve just partnered with Magic Castle for a program that’s brand new to the industry…”Magic Castle at Sea.”

In an arrangement orchestrated by Master Magician Rich Bloch, magicians from Hollywood’s private magicians’ club, the Magic Castle, will come aboard to entertain guests of all ages. Starting this summer, these evening shows add another live entertainment option to 13 luxury European cruises in 2012, and every voyage in 2013.

Guest will also be privy to complimentary classes to develop their own magical acts, education on subjects like Houdini, and children’s shows on select summer and holiday sailings.

“Considering club guests can only gain entrance if they’re in LA and invited by a member, Crystal’s Magic Castle at Sea provides rare access to a truly spellbinding entertainment experience,” says Crystal’s Vice President of Entertainment, Bret Bullock. “We’re thrilled to offer our guests yet another unique choice in high-caliber vacation fun.”

Guests on Crystal will be able to choose from multiple, half-hour performances (limited to 25 people) and will arrive through a special entrance to find the ship’s Pulse or Luxe lounge transformed into a Victorian-era Castle, with flameless candles, lighting, music, murals, bookshelves and magic movies from the 1920’s.

After the cruise, your on-board invitations can be used for one-time access to the real Magic Castle in Hollywood. Show attendees must call the number on the back of their used ticket to reserve entry, then present the same ticket upon arrival at the Castle.

Magic Castle at Sea voyages start at $3,065/person, double occupancy, and are available to book now.

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