Aboard the ms Veendam: Puerto Madryn, my hero

I have to admit that I never heard of Puerto Madryn before this cruise. But it will be forever remembered now as the place where I got my smile back.

The MS Veendam docked at Puerto Madryn, Argentina

Harking back to the day we were traversing the Chilean fjords, you may recall that a large cap on my front tooth suddenly decided dislodge itself in my stateroom when I was doing nothing more vigorous than typing on my laptop. For one reason or another, I was unable to do anything about it until now.

Street scene at Puerto Madryn.

But soon after docking today, I was suddenly informed that a car was waiting to take me to the dentist. It turned out to be the local port agent for Holland-America and his son, who spoke more English than I did Spanish. I was whisked away in a few minutes to a dental chair in a private house where the proprietor did a very professional job of gluing my cap back where it belongs.

This was a short port call, however, which meant that after my dental operation, I was only able to enjoy about an hour’s stroll around a small area of this seaside resort town. The area around Puerto Madryn is also known as a viewing area for sea elephants, orcas, and other creatures of the deep, but none were present during our short visit.

My dentist friend (left) before repairing my tooth.

But I was able to photograph our ship and along with some examples of daily life along the shoreline. Some cruisers did a little shopping at stalls along the beach, but I didn’t see anything I couldn’t live without.

We’re now underway toward Montevideo, Uruguay, where will arrive in two days. (Tomorrow is a sea day.)  Tonight is supposed to offer a large entertainment extravaganza in the Veendam’s showroom at sea, so I’ll mention something about it in the next episode.

Photos by Robert Bone

November 17, 2012


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