Aboard Carnival Miracle-Day Two


It’s Day Two, or actually, Day Three (if you count the sailaway), and we are currently navigating the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Central America en route to our first port of call, the walled city of Cartegena, Columbia.

This is another day at sea, do Pam and I have had time to explore the ship and get to know our home away from home for the next two weeks.

One thing we noted right away: The demographics for this cruise are much different than those of other Carnival cruises we have taken. The majority of the 2,000 or so onboard are seniors, many with special needs. There is one couple celebrating their 62nd wedding anniversary, and another marking 57 years of wedded bliss. It’s not surprising, given the longer length of the cruise and the cost.

As we walked the decks, we saw lots of card games going on, as well as couples working on puzzles. BINGO is doing a booming business as well. That’s not to say they aren’t joining in on the fun stuff too, like dance classes, trivia and line dancing by the pool.

image courtesy of Gerry Barker
Vintage lithographs decorate the stateroom corridors.

The ship itself is a mash-up of several styles. The predominant art in the public areas celebrates Roman mythology, while the purple and gold trim evokes Mardi Gras. Along the stateroom corrdiors are vintage lithographs of mostly famous fictional characters, very nicely done, while the atrium lobby is decked out in a Halloween theme. A little something for every taste.

Aside from the zigging and zagging required on the stateroom decks, Miracle is pretty easy to get around since most of the activities and dining options are on decks 2,3, 9 and 10.

One major disappointment is the casino, where smoking is allowed throughout. We noted this before on other Carnival cruises. Pam would love to be able to lose her fair share of money at the slots, but not if she has to endure all the second-hand smoke. Always resourceful, Pam took cash earmarked for gambling to the $10 sale and scored some good buys.

Lots more to report on as we draw ever-nearer to South America. So far the seas have remained calm and we’ve hardly felt any motion. Still, Pam is faithfully taking here Dramamine. Why risk it?

Story and photos courtesy of Gerry Barker. 

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