A room with a view on the brand new Panorama river cruiser

Welcome new blogger Barbara Ramsay Orr!

My last river cruise was on a very traditional Peter Deilmann cruise boat, sailing the Rhine on a twelve-day return tour.  I loved that experience, and remain a total fan of river cruising.  I believe the finest views and the best introduction to these fabled European cities is to be had through a river arrival.

This last river cruiser was very Germanic in style, with everything happening at precise times, arranged seating in the dining room and thoroughly planned days.  That was fine by me, although there were times that I would have liked less structure. While the experience was a very good one, the only real drawback was the cabin.  Because it was small and the window was tiny, we spent very little time there. Any sightseeing was to be had on the public decks.  I well remember scrambling into some presentable clothes to rush up to the top deck in time to have a good view of our sail into Budapest at 5:30 a.m.  Don’t know that I was all that presentable.

This time it will be different.  I’m set to experience the inaugural cruise of a new generation of river cruisers.  The Panorama, from Avalon Waterways, is an all-suites ship, with a revolutionary redesign that I think will change the river cruising experience.

Cologne at twilight

There are floor to ceiling windows in each suite that open to transform your room into an open air balcony.

I’m looking forward to sitting in my pj’s with a cup of coffee watching the cathedrals of Cologne appear out of the morning fog.

Here is the itinerary for this inaugural cruise:

May 13 – Arrival in Frankfurt, Germany – overnight sailing to Mainz

May 14  Christening Ceremony, Mainz – Begin maiden voyage

May 15  Rüdesheim –  Romantic Rhine – Coblenz

May 16  Mosel River – Cochem

May 17 Cologne

May 18 Amsterdam, Holland

Fly back to Canada.


Cologne photo courtesy of ChristianU

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