A Picnic On Hawaii’s Black Sand Beaches

This tour sounds like heaven on earth, such a wonderful way to appreciate the natural beauty of Hawaii….

Exclusive Hana Picnic

Escape the large cruise line tours on this intimate, personalized tour. Enjoy a relaxing, personalized tour by our Hawaii state certified guide, who will entertain as well as educate in an air-conditioned luxury van. With only 6-8 guests per tour, explore the spectacular Hana coast and navigate the 617 curves and 54 one-lane bridges on the road to Hana.

View glistening waterfalls, exotic tropical flora and lava sea cliffs through panoramic windows. You will also enjoy a continental breakfast and a scrumptious beach-side tamari and ginger chicken and baked mahi mahi lunch, elegantly served at one of Hana’s black sand beaches.

Walk through enchanting Kakala gardens, offering 50+ acres of beautiful tropical flowers. Finally, enjoy an ocean swim at a black sand beach or take a splash into a cascading waterfall.

Approximately 210 per person.

These tours all sounds so wonderful, perhaps we’ll do them all!

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