A leisurely day at sea and we get to see many of the musical acts

Tuesday, November 10, 2009…My Equinox diary

Today was our first full day at sea and it was lovely not to have to go anywhere or be anywhere. Almost everyone we talked with said they really had taken it easy today, resting, reading, napping or whatever.

There was a huge roster of activities offered but Chet and I did only one of them. We played Jackpot Bingo, which we find to be fun and often we win something. However, we found the charge here too high…it costs $30 for one sheet of six cards or $50 for two sheets. Fifty dollars for two of us to play bingo? Each time? And the payouts were pitiful, between $50-$100 …even the cover-all only paid about $120.

They offer bingo twice a day on sea days but we won’t be playing, at least until the very end when the big jackpots are offered.

The Equinox is such a large ship that there is plenty to do at no charge, but there is a charge for several extras: Fresh-squeezed orange or grapefruit juice costs $2.50; a smoothie is $5; cappuccino costs $4; an espresso costs $3. There is a stand that sells gelato however you can get ice cream and yogurt for free upstairs). And there is a small bistro that sells special coffees and crepes. Unfortunately, the bistro and the gelato bar are tucked into a part of the ship with little foot traffic so it is a wonder they do any business at all. We never see anyone there.

Everyone who sails big ships these days knows that these fees are part of the new cruising reality. But I still find them annoying to the extreme.

We spent most of the afternoon reading and I finally finished “The Shack.” After dinner, we took in the show which was a mixture of the acts that perform around the ship. I found this was a very nice way to showcase the talent on board and we will now make a point of looking for some of our favorite musicians. The a cappella group called Sound Decision was excellent!

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