A Family’s Report on the Carnival Splendor

I have some friends who just got back from a Carnival cruise: round trip from Los Angeles (7 Day Mexican Riviera). They had never been on a cruise before, so I wanted to get their impressions of the voyage, taken on the Splendor, with their two children, aged 9 and 16.

Here’s what they had to say about the offerings on board:

My girlfriend’s report on the cabin: “Surprisingly, it was more spacious than I expected. It was sort of like being in a hotel room- there was a double bed, and at a ninety degree angle, two twins, with one coming out of the ceiling. I can’t tell you how many times my 9 year old was up and down getting in and out of that thing. I thought it would be super-cramped with the four of us, but I didn’t find that to be the case.  We did have an outside cabin with a balcony.  I would definitely recommend it as the way to go.”

Her husband’s report on the amenities: “This ship had everything! You couldn’t possibly have done everything that was available. There’s a steakhouse that initially we didn’t think we would visit because you have to dress up more- but we wound eating there every night because of the service. The wait staff recognized us right away and always had an iced tea ready and waiting for me… they called my daughter “Princess” and spoiled her rotten!” And this “man’s man” couldn’t say enough about the spa services… “I really was NOT into the idea of a massage, but after the first hot stone massage, when I had more mobility in my shoulder than I’ve had in years, I was sold!”

Both agreed that the children’s programs were excellent. “Our 16-year old sort of had free reign of the ship, being old enough to handle the independence. He had a good time with all the teen activities and was gone most nights until 12 or 1:00 am. Our nine year old had the time of her life with Camp Carnival. She’s super high energy and these programs were the perfect outlet for her, as part of the 9-11 year old group. They even had a late-night party that lasted until 3am (which we let her stay for) and the staff brought her back to the room at the end so we didn’t even have to go get her! It was great!”

Their favorite excursion: Cabo San Lucas’ dolphin adventure.


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