A Culinary Addiction in Amsterdam

There are fries shops all over the city

There are those who may come to Amsterdam and pick up various addictions – this is, after all , the city of weed cafes and red light ladies, but I got hooked on a different habit:  Dutch french fries!

These babies are to die for!

We stopped at a small shop, not much bigger than a closet, called vers gesneden friet, which I think means real fresh-cut fries.

In Amsterdam, french fries are referred to as either patat (pronounced “pah TAHT”) or vlaamse frites (pronounced “FLAHM suh freets”) which means “Flemish fries”. You can find shops selling freshly cooked fries everywhere around the ‘Dam.

The wait was worth it

This little place, on a laneway between the Herengracht Canal and the Spui, had a line-up out the door, so we assumed the fries would be good. I didn’t mind waiting.

Oh, yeah.

I had mine with mayonnaise, the way that Amsterdammers do, but you can have them with many different sauces, such as curry sauce and peanut sauce.  Or ketchup, if you are a traditionalist.

It is a messy, and decadent treat, not to be missed.

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