8 Great Holiday Gifts for Your Cruise-Loving Friend

It’s December. Celebrating the holidays involves giving presents. What do you give to your spouse? What about the person who already has everything? If they love cruising, here are a few ideas.

  1. Put down a deposit on your next trip. This is ideal for your spouse. Get a picture of the ship and frame it. Add the glossy brochure from the cruise line. Wrap it up and put it under the tree. They can put the framed picture of the ship where they will see it every day. Browse Discount Cruise Ships and Cruise Lines (cruisecompete.com)
  2. 2022 and beyond calendar. We gave this to a friend. I gave one to Jane too. It’s not a 12 month calendar, it’s got an additional 6+ months included. Prompt them to pencil in planned future voyages. The longer calendar length is ideal for planning the 2023 world cruise (or a segment)!
  3. Coffee table book about cruising. Everyone doesn’t do everything via their phone! Some people curl up in a comfy chair with a blanket during the winter. Give them a glassy book with lots of pictures of cruise ships in exotic locals.
  4. Framed picture of them on vacation. Find a good picture of your friends having a great time on vacation. Send it to the photo booth at the pharmacy. Order an enlarged photo. Put it into a tasteful frame. FYI: A picture of them having a good time is great. A picture of you having a good time is vain.
  5. Guides and maps for their favorite ports. Remember maps, those paper things you unfold? They are still manufactured. Rick Steves, Foders, Lonely Planet and others produce detailed guidebooks. Assemble a package with details about their favorite port and send it to them. Even if they’ve been dozens of times before, these places are constantly evolving.
  6. Book about their favorite ship. This idea works when their favorite is iconic, like Cunard’s Queen Mary 2. If their ship is “almost iconic” or is out of service, a current book about famous ocean liners is a good substitute. Be sure to confirm their favorite ship made the book!
  7. Cruise line swag. Their favorite cruise line might sell tee shirts, polos and windbreakers online. If not, that’s not a big deal. You can probably find what you are looking for by doing an internet search. They might not be able to cruise at the moment, but they can show at Even the gym looking like they just came back from a cruise.
  8. Cruise line posters. Many cruise lines have great backstories. Their heritage is amazing. Buy your friend a reproduction travel poster from the golden age of travel. If you are feeling really generous, you can frame it for them. Art supply stores (and IKEA) often carry reasonably priced poster frames.

Your friend might not be sailing at this moment, but you can still keep their dream alive!

Cover photo: Sun Princess at Doini Island in Papua New Guinea Dennis Cox © Dennis Cox / Photo Explorer Productions, All Rights Reserved

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