51 Reasons You Won’t Be Bored on a Cunard Transatlantic Crossing


By Bryce Sanders

Special to AllThingsCruise

Are you one of the 11.5 million Americans who have taken a cruise?  If not, you might have your reasons. You may think you are too young. Too old. You’ll get bored. The last reason discourages many people from transatlantic crossings. Here are 51 reasons why you won’t get bored.

51 Reasons? Really?

Ships come in all sizes, catering to different demographics. Some Caribbean cruises seem to stop in a port a day. Transatlantic crossings typically have only two: The first when you board and the second when you disembark many days later. This list omits the one obvious activity two people in love with time on their hands and plenty of privacy put top of the list.

Our experiences have been with Cunard, having sailed 15 times. We’ve sailed transatlantic on the Queen Mary 2 many times. We have also enjoyed a 14-day crossing on the Queen Victoria at the tail end of a 75-night exotic cruise around South America. Most activities should be available regardless of cabin size. We’ve always traveled in Britannia class, which represents about 87 percent of the ship. Some activities I’ve listed cost a little money, but not much.


1. Watch the ship leave the harbor. This can be majestic.

2. Attend the required lifeboat drill. See happy people bouncing off each other.

3. If your cabin has a balcony, stand out on it at least once.

4. Discover the hidden balcony door between adjacent staterooms.

5. Captain’s Welcome Cocktail Party. Canapes and drinks are on the house.

6. Unpack once. Don’t live out of your suitcase.

7. Put your wallet in the safe. Everything is charged to your key card here.

8. Take photos. It’s all new.

9. Do laundry. Cut down on how much clothing you bring.

10. Send out dry cleaning. Sometimes it’s cheaper than home.

11. Get to know your cabin steward. Treat staff as equals.

12. Tip your cabin steward. Tipping might be included, but hand over cash too. Help them see the world.

13. Plan your next cruise. The onboard booking office makes it worthwhile.

14. Watch the ship arrive in port. You get a different perspective.

15. Disembark early. People carrying their own luggage are often allowed to walk off first.

16. Buy foreign magazines. They will be good for the flight home.


17. Flowers. Order them from the onboard florist. Surprise your spouse.

18. Watch the sunrise while wearing robes.

19. Spa treatments. Spring another surprise on your spouse!

20. In Room Dining – There’s a menu. Steak and Caesar Salad?

21. Movies. Watch one in bed.

22. Champagne and caviar. Lounge pricing is surprisingly reasonable.

23. Galas. Expect dressy events with live music.

24. Watch the sunset. Enough said.

25. See the moon over the ocean. It’s romantic.

26. Hold hands. Walk hand in hand.

27. Renew your wedding vows. Sometimes ships offer this service.

28. Propose. Tell Customs about that expensive ring beforehand.

29. Get married. This requires advance preparation!


30. Host your own cocktail party in your cabin. Size doesn’t matter. Few people know those canapes served at events can be ordered from the purser’s office at a reasonable price.


31. Have a drink in each bar. There might be a dozen.

32. Ride the outdoor elevator. Get great views.

33. Explore every public deck, top to bottom.

34. Card room. Find out what they do there.

35. Stand on the highest forward deck with the wind in your face.

36. Take the kitchen tour. You’ll be amazed.

37. Visit every lounge with music. Do it at night.

38. Find your own personal space. It’s easy.


39. Meet your dinner tablemates for the first time. If disaster strikes, ask to change tables.

40. Bring great wine. Most ships have a corkage policy.

41. Try each specialty restaurant. Expect a cover charge.

42. Customize your meal. This only works at lunch when things are slow. You want the pasta as its own course…

43. Dress up for formal evenings. Black tie or a dark suit meet the requirements. Women wear dresses.

44. Buy wine for someone. Send a bottle to their table.

45. Ask for a set of menus. Bring them home.

46. Exchange contact information with your tablemates.


47. Swimming. There will be plenty of pools, inside and out.

48. Golf. Most ships have a simulator on board.

49. Visit the gym. It’s likely huge.

50. Spin class. It’s only one of several classes they likely offer.

51. Jog around the deck in the morning. The wind alternates as friend and foe.

With all these activities, it’s highly unlikely you will get bored.


Bryce Sanders is president of Perceptive Business Solutions Inc. He provides HNW client acquisition training for the financial services industry. He and his wife Jane travel a lot for fun. He claims they are married to Cunard, American Airlines and Marriott. At least two of them need to be involved whenever they go anywhere. Their three cats stay at home.

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