Cruising the World, From Gondolas to Megaships: Windstar’s Wind Surf

The subject for the second week of Cruising Photo of the Week (outtakes) is the port of Kotor, Montenegro, a stop for cruises originating in Venice that is popular for its fortified medieval old town. This photo was left out in favor of three other views of Kotor’s magnificent mountain-rimmed harbor that were included in my book ‘Cruising the World, From Gondolas to Megaships’ (available for ordering at

Dominating the Kotor waterfront in this photo is the largest ship in Windstar Cruises’ fleet of six luxury yachts, the Wind Surf.  Carrying up to 342 passengers, it is the world’s largest sailing cruise ship. A unique new feature that was added to Wind Surf during a major renovation in late 2019 – perhaps “one of the best-kept secrets on the high seas” – is a new Officer’s Suite for guests.

The 242 square foot suite was renovated with a nautical theme to reflect its exclusive location tucked away just behind the Bridge. Sporting a full bath with Jacuzzi tub, and living room with a wide screen television, the décor includes a sextant, Wind Surf print, a museum-quality model of a J-class sailing ship and binoculars.  Guests in this suite share exclusive company in a “crew only” area with the Captain, Chief Officer, Hotel Manager and Chief Engineer.

Wind Surf resumes sailing in the Caribbean on November 29, 2020, where she sails until an April, 2021 ocean crossing takes her to the Mediterranean for the rest of the year.

The five-mast staysail schooner, built in 1990, was known as Club Med 1 when I first photographed it sailing into Hong Kong Harbor in 1994 — a photo that is included in ‘Cruising the World.’

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