12 Reasons I Want to Take a World Cruise

For us, a world cruise is impractical. I still need to work for a living. We have two cats. Our prolonged absence would imply we were eaten by predators. They would move on with their lives and bond with the cat sitter. There are at least a dozen reasons I would like to experience a world cruise.

  1. Meet people who don’t need to work for a living. It’s an annual event, not a once in a lifetime experience for many people. It would be fun to socialize for three or four months with people who can lock the door to their houses and simply sail away.
  2. Visit places I would like to see, but not visit for a week. Ever go to a place, then think “OK, I’ve seen as much as I want to see. What am I going to do for the rest of the week?” The world cruise would be like ordering the appetizer assortment in a restaurant.
  3. Experience a safari. Ever since I saw the 1962 film Hatari! I’ve thought riding in an open Land Rover and seeing animals in the wild would be incredible. My wife reminds me the Safari Off Road Adventure at Six Flags in Jackson, NJ is only about an hour away.
  4. See penguins in the wild. They look so cute on TV! There are several places visited by cruise ships where penguins roam free.
  5. Buy local wines that haven’t been shipped around the world. Most people had the experience the wine you drank on vacation doesn’t taste as good when you buy it back home. Surroundings are a huge factor, but buying it on shore, carrying it up the gangway and drinking it over the next couple of weeks would be pretty cool.
  6. See how people in different cultures go about everyday life. The more you travel, the more you realize people are pretty much the same everywhere. They want the best lives possible for their children. They feel education is the best path. They are willing to sacrifice. On an everyday level, they shop in grocery stores, hunt for parking places, worship and enjoy their leisure time. It’s interesting to be alongside them.
  7. Experience days with endless sun. OK, the timing might not be right, but up in Scandinavia, you get summer days with almost 23 hours of light and winter days when you hardly see the sun. I would like to experience it.
  8. See the pyramids, or at least Petra. The James Bond films and “Raiders of the Lost Ark” have put these on my “Experiences during my lifetime list.”
  9. Sail past the Rock of Gibraltar. I’ve seen the image in the Prudential Insurance ads forever. We sailed by at night during a cruise in the Med. I would like to see it in daylight.
  10. Visit Polynesia. I’ve had a fascination ever since watching and reading South Pacific. It seems like the most magical place in the world! It would be great to experience firsthand.
  11. Return home to the same bed each night. It’s easy to book enough flights and hotels to see all these places over time. It would be great waking up in the middle of each night knowing where the bathroom is located, not tripping over the furniture in different hotel rooms. There’s something great about sleeping in the same bed.
  12. Experience the best restaurant in town each night. The ship has a great wine cellar and a spectacular food staff. They often buy fresh local ingredients. In some places, the ship is often the best restaurant in town! It arrives and departs with you aboard!

Someday, maybe we can experience a world cruise. It would be great!

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