11 Good Reasons Why Now Is the Ideal Time to Take a Cruise

We are in the middle of summer. According to the Farmer’s Alamac, the “Dog Days of Summer are July 3rd to August 11th, the hottest days. If you aren’t on vacation, you should be. Let’s look at why taking a cruise in the next week or two might be a sensible idea. Not all reasons work for all people, but a few should work for everyone.

  1. It’s hot. We have been seeing record temperatures across the US. Europe has been getting hot weather too. Where can you go and stay cool? Your ship is a giant air-conditioned environment. If you stretch out in the sun, you are cooled by a continuous breeze thanks to the forward movement of the ship.
  2. Inflation has made local options expensive. Have you opened a restaurant menu lately or checked out local hotel rates? Everything has gone up in price. I used to think our favorite French Bistro in NYC had nerve charging $11 for French fries. Then we spent a weekend drinking and dining in several places. I discovered my favorite place wasn’t out of line. When you cruise, your meals in the main dining room or the buffet restaurant are built into your cruise fare. You don’t even need to tip at the end of the meal. (Please tip at the end of the voyage.)
  3. The Euro is close to parity. There might be other people like me who weren’t that great at math in school. The exchange rate for the Euro is about $1.02. It’s been as high as $1.19 within the past 52 weeks! Europe is on sale. That is great news for Americans traveling to the continent, bad news for Europeans spending money in the US. How about a Mediterranean cruise?
  4. You have not been away for a long time. If you have been cautious about Covid, your last vacation might have been in late 2019. It’s mid 2022 now. It has been almost three years! You have the time. You can afford it. Why not book a cruise and get away now?
  5. Cruise fares are pretty cheap. Airfares are expensive. Hotels are up there too. The cruise industry has plenty of capacity. An empty cabin produces no revenue when the ship leaves the dock. There are good fares out there. You just need to find them. Cruising over Christmas can be expensive. Cruising this month might be cheaper than you think.
  6. The cruise could be a building block. Your itinerary has you starting in one city and finishing in a different one. You do not need to fly in and out with just enough time to make your connections! This isn’t an “insertion” in a spy movie!  If you are sailing Southampton to Lisbon, spend a couple of days in London before your ship sails and another couple of days in Lisbon before flying home. Build a longer vacation with your cruise at the center.
  7. Cruise lines can get pretty good airfares. Cruise lines send lots of business to the airlines. You are one passenger booking one ticket. The cruise line is booking plenty of seats every week. It makes sense the cruise line can get a better deal on airfares than you can.
  8. Dress up without the expense. When was the last time you dressed up for a night on the town? Has your spouse been dropping hints?  You know what your favorite restaurants and hotels used to cost. Be prepared for sticker shock when you recheck prices now. A cruise vacation provides several opportunities to dress up on formal nights. It’s built into the fare. You can even have professional pictures taken.
  9. Have you tried getting business done lately? Why are you staying home?  Because you are sitting at your desk conducting business. Trying to conduct business might be a better definition. Years ago, August was called “Executive Vacation Month.”  Getting business done requires approval up a chain of command. You wait a week for one person to return from vacation, then discover another link in the chain has started their vacation. If it looks like you will be waiting until Labor Day to get enough people together to make a decision, why not take some time off yourself?  You will return refreshed.
  10. Covid restrictions have been relaxed. Your greatest fear is testing positive for Covid and getting quarantined in a foreign city. Yes, getting sick is still a big risk. Ask your friends who have traveled abroad what the protocols are like today. Did any people on their ship get sick?  You might find the situation has more positives than negatives, especially if you take precautions.
  11. The children are still on vacation. You prefer to travel as a family. Taking the children out of school for a ski holiday can be complicated. Your children are home. School doesn’t start up for a few weeks. Cruises are fun. How about getting away…now?

There are always other factors to consider, but there are plenty of reasons to look at booking a “sailing soon” fare.

Ed. Note: CruiseCompete and its member travel advisors provide many curated cruise and land deals, offers and amenities on over 50 cruise lines with over 500 cruise ships sailing all around the world.

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