10 Cruises I Would Like to Take During My Lifetime

I don’t believe in “bucket lists.” I don’t want to think I’m checking out anytime soon. I like the more optimistic “During our lifetime” description. An added advantage is younger people can use it too. Here are ten cruises I would like to take with my wife.

  1. The world cruise. I mentioned this in an earlier article. There are lots of places I would like to seem but not being an entire trip around one destination. It’s like buffet dining. A little taste of lots of things.
  2. Another Mediterranean cruise. Two would be even better. Eastern Med and Western Med. We loved Tunisia. We like Barcelona. Dubrovnik too. Let’s not forget Malta. We haven’t explored Greece yet. We like anyplace with good food and local wine.
  3. A cruise that stops in Antarctica. It fits the definition of someplace we want to see, but not spend a lot of time once we are there. Even with global warming, I’m expecting it will be cold.
  4. A cruise around the British Isles. We’ve never been to Northern Ireland. It would be great to visit Liverpool. I’m guessing the waters don’t get choppy id you aren’t going far out to sea.
  5. A river cruise through Burgundy or Bordeaux. We are fine fans. We have wanted to visit this region several times, but I’ve always been concerned about drinking and driving. A river cruise is the solution.
  6. The private yacht experience. Monday night at 9:00 PM finds us watching Bravo TV’s series Below Deck. Sailing in the Caribbean on a private yacht sounds like a once in a lifetime opportunity.
  7. A cruise bringing us back to Bermuda. We like Bermuda. Because of weather conditions, we didn’t have as much time to explore then island as we would have liked. The pink sand beaches and turquoise waters are great.
  8. A themed cruise for antiques enthusiasts. We enjoy watching the US and UK versions of Antiques Roadshow. Those experts know so much. Listening to them lecture on a topic of interest to us would be an incredible experience.
  9. A themed cruise with one of my favorite British stage performers. It seems the UK has a smaller stable of actors than the US. We tend to see the same faces on Midsomer Murders, Poirot, Miss Marple and many other series. We sit in front of the TV and say: “We know her from (show)!” It seems British TV and stage stars are more down to earth than US celebrities.
  10. A cruise around Australia and New Zealand. We loved New Zealand, but it’s hard to get to it. It’s a part of the world we would want to see in greater detail. A cruise visiting both would be like a “greatest hits” album.

It’s been said some people get tired of cruising. Possibly because they keep going to the same places over and over again. That’s not going to be us. Not with this list!

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Cover Photo: cruise ship in Tortola, BVI, courtesy ©Dennis Cox/WorldViews, AllThingsCruise official photographer

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