You CAN Continue Your Exercise Routine While At Sea. (Yay?)

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Wheezing my way through another “boot camp” fitness training session with my twenty-something, frustratingly fit instructor this week, my mind, as always, began to question the logic behind my continued workout regime.

Is it the approaching milestone birthday that motivates me?  The fact that I am watching friends, even at this relatively young age, having serious health issues that might be helped by diet and exercise?  Is it my competitive spirit, or perhaps… just a form of mental imbalance?  I do, after all, pay a fee to be tortured each week.

The answer, I suppose, is that my motivation stems in part from all these reasons.  And as such, I also surmise that I’m not alone.  So like many others, when I go on vacation, my exercise routine has to come along.

The cruise lines make keeping up with exercise easier with a variety of programs onboard, and here are some contenders for those who are serious about their workouts, per the cruise lines:

Norwegian Cruise Line recently reported that they are is expanding their fitness program by offering TRX Suspension Training® classes across its fleet of Freestyle Cruising ships, which became available fleet-wide at the end of February 2012.  The TRX Suspension Training® classes include strength training with adjustable resistance straps, and allow participants to build core strength and power, increase flexibility, and enhance balance and mobility. The classes are held four times a week on seven-day sailings and are $20 for a single class or $60 for four classes.

Royal Caribbean offers Individualized Personal Training sessions that last one hour and start at $64.00.  In them, your Personal Trainer provides an in-depth consultation and exercise recommendation. They also offer a variety of group classes, such as Pathway to Yoga, Pathway to Pilates, Body Sculpt Boot Camp, and Group Cycling. A Body Composition Analysis (BCA) is also available.

Lindblad Expeditions, as an adventure cruise company, incorporates fitness components into most all of their activities.  As part of their explorations, participants can expect to hike,climb, kayak and swim (as well as scuba and snorkel).  The line also offers the benefit of stretching and movement sessions inspired by yoga and Pilates, and onboard fitness equipment (exercise bikes, treadmills, stretch bands, light weights, and yoga mats.)

You can find out more about the onboard fitness amenities of the cruise lines from your travel agent.  If you’re interested in a cruise that’s tailored specifically toward fitness, take a look at this page for some options.


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