Will you pay more to be child-free on a cruise?

The Sanctuary onboard the Royal Princess.  Image courtesy of Princess Cruises.

The Sanctuary onboard the Royal Princess. Image courtesy of Princess Cruises.

News from Princess Cruises: they’ve raised the fee for admission into their adults-only area, The Sanctuary, on all the ships in the fleet.  The daily fees, in fact, have doubled, and now stand as listed:

Half-day Lounge Rental – $20 per day
Full-day Lounge Rental – $40 per day

(If you choose to buy a whole-cruise rental pass, you’ll be charged a fee of $30 per day, times the number of days of your cruise.  For example, a 7-day cruise would cost $210.)

Apparently, this significant price bump became effective in January in an attempt to control demand of this very popular onboard feature.  Here’s Princess’s description of the The Sanctuary experience:

“Serenity Stewards” Attend To Every Need

The presence of Serenity Stewards in The Sanctuary underscores the atmosphere of tranquility and service, offering a respite for relaxation. These stewards are on hand to provide passengers with everything from a chilled face towel and Evian water atomizers, to a menu of healthy beverages and fare. Serenity Stewards will also have personal MP3 players with noise canceling headphones available, loaded with themed playlists focused on relaxation for those who want to escape with music.

Al Fresco Massages*

The Sanctuary will also feature outdoor private cabanas where passengers can also take advantage of the exclusive Lotus Spa Services at The Sanctuary, including sybaritic favorites such as a Deep Tissue Muscle Massage, a relaxing Swedish Massage or a Full Body Lotus Massage especially for couples. Shorter interludes of massage pampering will also be available as massage therapists will offer back, shoulder, and neck massages using special massage chairs.

When not indulging in spa services, Sanctuary passengers lounge amidst lush greenery, with the presence of gentle breezes, ocean waves, and softly piped-in spa music combining to further insulate the area with relaxation sounds. Guests will relax on plush outdoor furniture including double loungers for couples, as well as deluxe chaise lounges and chairs.

And for those looking for a relaxing end to their day, sunset yoga sessions offer the opportunity to unwind and tone their muscles accompanied by nature’s beauty.

* Not available on Sapphire, Diamond, Sea, Coral and Island Princess.

Refreshing Drinks and Healthy Snacks

Passengers can also refresh with a variety of special drinks and snacks created exclusively for The Sanctuary. Each day Serenity Stewards will be on hand to offer passengers an array of drinks and snacks. Signature Sanctuary beverages include healthy smoothies, energy drinks, iced flavored waters and freshly made lemonade. A menu featuring a selection of light bites such as refreshing fruit skewers and lettuce wrapped spring rolls will also be available through the Serenity Stewards.

No information has been forthcoming on whether these increased prices will be accompanied by increased amenities.  Will you pay the higher fees to enjoy child-free time on your cruise?


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One Response to Will you pay more to be child-free on a cruise?

  1. chelsea potter March 17, 2014 at 9:27 am #

    Children on cruises is quite a controversial topic and I think you’ve written a thought provoking article. Should people pay more if they have a problem with children? I think it depends on what people class as a problem. If the children are not doing anything disruptive then I don’t think paying to go to an adult’s only zone is really necessary.

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