Viking River Cruises announces two more new builds for 2012- Total of six new viking longships to debut

Viking River Cruises announces two more new builds for 2012- Total of six new viking longships to debut

Viking’s Unprecedented 2012 Launch Continues to Lead the River Cruise Industry and Set the Standard for Innovation While Meeting Overwhelming Demand

Viking River Cruises, the world’s leading river cruise line, today announced that it has ordered two more ships in the Viking Longships class for delivery in 2012, bringing the total of new vessels to six. This announcement marks an unprecedented number of ships launching in a single season, an accomplishment that eclipses Viking’s own record of four ships christened into the fleet in 2001.

“Ever since we announced the introduction of the Viking Longships earlier this year, the response has been overwhelming,” stated Torstein Hagen, Chairman and CEO of Viking River Cruises. “To accommodate the demand, we have decided to accelerate the new builds schedule and bring two more Viking Longships into the fleet in 2012.”

These two new ships are part of company’s $250 million fleet development program, comprised of several complete refurbishments plus the introduction of ten new Viking Longships by 2014. The two new state-of-the-art ships—Viking Embla and Viking Aegir—will make their debut in July and August 2012, respectively, joining sister ships—Viking Freya, Viking Idun, Viking Njord and Viking Odin—to be christened in March 2012.

“The Viking name has always been synonymous with exploration, leading the way where others follow,” continues Hagen. “With the launch of these six great ships, we continue this tradition, leading the river cruise industry with inspiration, innovation and creativity—resulting in outstanding accommodations and an unrivaled experience for our guests.”

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