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The Imam Fainted!

Our chef Numan taught us how to make a very traditional dish that I can’t wait to try out when I get home, if only for the name.  It’s called The Imam Fainted – presumably from the deliciousness of the dish, – eggplant stuffed with either vegetables or minced beef.In this case it was beef, […]

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The Gulet Cruise: Kaunos

After breakfast this morning, we disembarked and boarded a minibus which will take us to the ancient site of Kaunos.  The boat will sail along the coast and pick us up later this afternoon. The scenery is dramatic, with steep hills, pine trees, lakes, pomegranate trees and orange groves.  It was about an hour’s drive […]

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Cooking Lesson at Sea

 The weather is still coolish, so this morning we met in the main cabin for a cooking lesson from Serdar.  He demonstrated a Pilaf, that originated in Mardin,  -“a very old and lovely almost Italianate town in Southeastern Turkey, near Syria, a multi-cultural place with narrow streets and archways, where they make delicate silverware and […]

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The Gulet Cruise: Stormy Weather

Serdar had warned us that it would get rough and he was right.  We awoke to overcast skies and high winds, and the captain decreed that we would stay in the protected harbour at Knidos until the seas were calmer. No problem.  We all found corners out of the wind to read or catch up […]

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Gulet Cruise of Carian Coast arrives in Knidos

Awoke this morning to more blue skies and a glorious view of an ancient hillside, covered with wild olive trees, pines, gum mastic and myrrh. At breakfast we were treated to a gift from the restaurant owner from yesterday – a jar of pine honey from his bee hives. We enjoyed another after-breakfast swim and […]

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Gulet Cruise in Turkey

We awoke to bright sunshine and a good Turkish breakfast – olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, cheese, little thin pancakes, toasted bread, jam and fresh fruit.  Our Turkish guide, Serdar Akerdem, tells us “If you want to know people, you should eat with the people and you should eat what they eat!”  And I believe that is […]

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Scenic Christmas Markets Cruise: The Bottom Line

The cruise lived up to promise, exceeding it on many levels. Rooms were comfortable and beautifully maintained, the windowed balcony was perfect for chilly season cruising, the staff were exemplary. My only regret was that I could only do one week of a possible two week cruise. When I read about the complete ‘all inclusive’ […]

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Scenic Cruises Christmas Market Tour: A ship’s farewell and a slow transition to shore life

There’s such a difference between the disembarkation from a cruise ship and the disembarkation from a river cruise boat.  This one was serene and manageable – no getting up at dawn, no suitcases in the hallways at midnight. We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, said goodbye to the crew and got into the taxi that Yvonne […]

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A Taste of Dutch Christmas

When I open the cabin drapes this morning, I’m treated to a view of the heart of Amsterdam.  The Central Station is just a walk away! The surprising shape of the EYE Film Museum glows even in the early light, and the Dutch are already zipping by on their bikes.  This is one of my […]

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Cologne and Dusseldorf, Decked out for the Holidays

Since we had been to Cologne recently, we decided to tour nearby Dusseldorf as our choice of excursion today. This is a very cool town, with Frank Ghery modernism combined with medieval churches to produce a dynamic atmosphere.  There are several Christmas Markets in the heart of the city, each with a different personality. One […]

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