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Not a fortuitous start: Oceania Marina lacks a terminal in Stockholm

Never a second chance to make a first impression. Deplaning in Stockholm, we move through immigration and customs amazingly quickly. No serious concerns about terrorism here. At the luggage carousel, we meet an Oceania representative collecting luggage for passengers taking a bus tour of Stockholm before boarding the Marina. We tell him we’d just like […]

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Married middle name cruise ID nightmare

Passing through immigration in Stockholm, I can finally relax. I’ve arrived at our departure port so no more worry about being denied boarding by an airline. My concern? The full name on my passport is different from the full name on both my flight reservations and the Oceania cruise manifest. This inconsistency is my middle […]

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Oceania’s Baltic cruise on the Marina an easy choice

It’s been too long since Linda and I cruised (or blogged) so last January we began looking at cruise itineraries. The Oceania Marina 12-day summer Northern Europe Viking Trails itinerary appeals immediately to us but especially to me since it includes three full days in St. Petersburg, Russia. Having visited St. Petersburg twice decades ago, […]

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Oceania Marina Sinks our Baltic Cruise

Oceania Marina Baltic Cruise Second-Rate Despite Fine Itinerary The Oceania Marina is a fine new ship, in service since 2011, with little signs of wear to its fixtures. Our stateroom, as mentioned previously, was first-rate and so are most of the public areas. But after completing our Oceania Marina Baltic Cruise, we won’t book Oceania […]

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Nickelodeon–Orlando’s Best Kids Resort?

After spending the weekend at Nickelodeon Suites Resort with our 5-year old granddaughter, I’m convinced the Nick Hotel is probably Orlando’s best resort for youngsters 5-12 years.  The almost non-stop daytime activity is well coordinated so there’s always something to look forward to, including frequent appearances by such iconic Nick characters as SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora […]

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Samana humpback whale watching

Surprising Fact: Dominican Whale Watching Easier and Better Than Alaska. Riding the top deck of a 45-foot boat whale watching boat hunting for humpbacks in the Bay of Samana, I keep comparing the Dominican Republic landscape with that of another famous whaling ground: Alaska. From a considerable distance, the Samana coastline appears heavily forested with […]

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Horseback ride to Samana’s El Limon waterfall

Perfect Way to Experience Undeveloped Samana One of the Caribbean’s most active and rugged cruise excursions is a horseback ride to the 130-foot high Falls of El Limon on the Samana Peninsula in the Dominican Republic.  The remoteness of the falls, also  known as Salto El Limón and Cascada el Limon, undoubtedly helps make this […]

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Grenada harbor walkabout: St. George’s looks brand new after Hurricane Ivan

By Tim O’Keefe Grenada (pronounced “Greh-NAY-dah”) so reminded early Spanish sailors of the beloved green hillsides above their home port they named it Granada (“Grah-NAH-dah”). The spine of a steep hill divides St. George’s, the island capital. The harbor side of the hill, known as the Careenage, is the most picturesque. The cruise dock is […]

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Tulum is one of Riviera Maya’s most popular excursions

Tulum, the walled city built by the Maya on Mexico’s Caribbean Coast around 1200 A.D., has become so popular it now contains two barriers. The first is the old stone wall enclosing the city on three sides. According to archaeologists, these were constructed not for defensive purposes but to prevent the masses from entering the […]

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Grazing New Zealand at SKYCITY Auckland – Restaurants & Menus

At precisely 1076 feet and 1.38 inches (328 m), the Sky Tower is the tallest man-made structure in New Zealand and serves as one of Auckland’s signature attractions. The Sky Tower also marked the location of SKYCITY Auckland, a casino-hotel complex with 25 cafes, restaurants and bars. This visual menu is from the SKYCITY Grand […]

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