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Arthur Tauck and the building of the family tourism industry

ABOARD THE MS JOY ON THE DANUBE RIVER IN BAVARIA (Day Two) — The next time your kids get in trouble in school, tell them Arthur Tauck’s story. Arthur Tauchnitz was born to German immigrants in Yonkers at the tail end of the 19th Century.  Fatherless by age 10, he was an indifferent student, often […]

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Tauck’s latest European river boat — extra space for families

ABOARD THE MS JOY ON THE DANUBE RIVER IN BAVARIA (Day One) – I love the bathroom! We’ve just boarded the MS Joy, Tauck’s newest ship that was christened in Straubing, Germany last week. The christening ceremony along the Danube River marked the launch of Tauck’s second new ship this year, following the christening of […]

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Cruise follies, foibles, TMI, TLI and unexpected discoveries

ABOARD THE DIAMOND PRINCESS CRUISING OFF JAPAN – All in all it was a great cruise on the Diamond Princess, stopping in ports we had never heard of in northern Japan and even in Russia, thanks to some obscure law or regulation that nobody can quite get their head around. But no cruise is complete […]

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Kids have a different take on cultural exchanges aboard cruises

AT SEA ABOARD THE DIAMOND PRINCESS OFF THE COAST OF JAPAN — Jessica Maraesca at age eight is already a bonafide cruise expert. But she has one big advantage—her dad Fabrizio Maresca is the Captain of the Diamond Princess, commanding a crew of 1,050 and celebrating his 15th anniversary with Princess Cruise Line. In fact, […]

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In Hakodate, Hokkaido: navigating on our own is not that difficult

HAKODATA, HOKKAIDO, JAPAN — The giggling Japanese teens, dressed in school uniforms of white sailor shirts and navy skirts, were anxious to practice their English. They greeted us as we got off a shuttle from the Diamond Princess in the town of Hakodate, handing us rice cookies and asking in halting English where we would […]

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A visit to a Japanese hot springs – Onseng – resort in Hokkaido

OTARU, HOKKAIDO, Japan — Good news! I’m going to live at least seven years longer. That’s because I’ve visited a Japanese Onseng—a hot springs resort. They are ubiquitous in Japan—there are thousands of them. We’ve been aboard the Diamond Princess and when a visit to an Onseng in Hokkaido was offered as a shore excursion, […]

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Japanese hot tubs and other amenities on the Diamond Princess

AT SEA ABOARD THE DIAMOND PRINCESS BETWEEN JAPAN AND RUSSIA — I’m sitting in a Jacuzzi looking out at the ocean. No, I’m not at a beachfront resort. I’m at sea in northern Japan at the Izumi Japanese Bath aboard the Diamond Princess. Onsen, as Japanese baths are known, are of course a big part […]

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On a cruise – options for dining vary on taste and budget

AT SEA ABOARD THE DIAMOND PRINCESS BETWEEN JAPAN AND RUSSIA — Sushi or Steak? Like other cruise lines, Princess offers specialty restaurants on board for which you pay an extra fee. “The dining room is like cafeteria food; if you want better food, you have to go to the specialty restaurants,” offered on veteran Princess […]

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Shore excursions: Cranes, marshes, pluses and minuses

KUSHIRO, Hokkaido, Japan — Cranes, so Japanese legend says, live for a thousand years; turtles for 10,000. That’s why if you went to a Japanese wedding, you might see symbols of cranes and turtles—wishing the couple a long and happy marriage. We’re in Kushiro, Japan, on the island of Hokkaido, and are visiting the Japanese […]

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East meets West means education on a Princess Cruise in Japan

AT SEA ON THE DIAMOND PRINCESS OFF THE COAST OF JAPAN — If you thought cruises were just about fun and games, ask 13 year-old Josh Berkowitz. “They’re very educational,” said the suburban Philadelphia teen. “You meet kids from all over the world.” Here on the Diamond Princess cruising off Japan, in fact, there are […]

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