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Cruising the seas on a newfangled Viking ship

When the chairman of Viking River Cruises set out to build his first ocean-going ship, he followed the theme song of many an aging free-thinker: Torstein Hagen did it his way. Hagen’s new ship, the 930-passenger Viking Star, now is cruising to ports from Northern Europe to the Mediterranean Sea, following a May naming ceremony […]

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Eccentricities and itineraries on new Viking Star, cruising in Europe

Walking in the snow like a Viking A cruise line that will remain nameless used to advertise its ships as opportunities to cruise like a Norwegian. Most people are not sure exactly what that meant. But on the new Viking Star, registered in Norway, passengers may cruise like a Viking — by walking in snow. […]

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Cruising Europe’s seas and ports on the new, sophisticated Viking Star

A new cruise line, starting with a new ship, seldom happens, perhaps once in a decade. Huge obstacles include vision and investment, design and itineraries, marketing and selling to new clients. So, the debut of the Viking Ocean Cruises’ Star Viking is a big deal. That the ship’s home port is in Norway, where much […]

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Breezing into a larger fleet of small ships on Windstar Cruises

With two additional ships in the Mediterranean Sea after major drydock renovations this spring, the course is clear for expanding Windstar Cruises. At a time when many lines are building bigger cruise ships, Windstar intends to be the leader of the world’s small ship fleets. Windstar now owns and operates six small vessels, ranging in […]

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Exploring family origins and a castle on a European river cruise

David Molyneaux visits Moulineaux, France, on the river Seine, where his family lived 950 years ago Robert the Devil, a Norman duke of yore, probably was not one of my direct ancestors. But our families were close, and his castle ruins are visible from the river Seine, between Paris and the Atlantic beaches of Normandy. […]

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Freighter cruising on Aranui 3 in the South Pacific

Jacques Brel’s memory is alive, well and living in Atuona The voice is unmistakable, even 20 yards away from a bright green barn that sits at the edge of a beach on Hiva Oa in the Marquesas Islands of the South Pacific. Inside is a memorial to chanteur Jacques Brel, who was known throughout the world as a passionate singer, […]

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A better angle for cruising, Avalon’s beds that face the river

On a recent river cruise up and down the Seine, between Paris and the beaches of Normandy, the crew played a little trick on the travel writers aboard. This was a preview voyage, at the beginning of the season for Avalon Waterways’ new Tapestry II in France, and the company wanted to prove a point […]

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Cruising Southeast Asia, encountering a headhunter, chilling laws in Brunei, a bogus bump at the Equator

One advantage of cruising to ports of distinctly foreign cultures is the opportunity to stretch your comfort zone, the level at which you function with ease and familiarity. The result is that you can experience both worlds — soft adventures of exploration off the ship during the day, then basic vacation necessities, such as a […]

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Truffle hunting in France highlights Bordeaux river cruise

Truffles, the fruit of a fungus, are an acquired taste, which is much easier to acquire than the truffles themselves. These delicacies cost a pretty penny in restaurants, and finding their natural wooded whereabouts, hidden just below the surface of the ground, is a learned and lucrative craft. Searching in the wilds of Europe for […]

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Cruising on Bordeaux’s capricious rivers, with wine, of course

When your riverboat cruises past road signs that remind you of high-priced bottles in a fancy wine store, you know you are in France. A week on the 190-passenger Viking Forseti, for instance, begins and ends in Bordeaux, a city in the center of one of the world’s great grape-growing regions. On a voyage last […]

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