Sea Kyaking in Antarctica With Scenic

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the Antarctic sea kyaking experience. Kyaking in Antarctic (Danco Island). Turn up the volume, and you can hear the water, paddles….and penguins (Gentoo). Scenic Antarctica- What’s Included? 200-guest luxurious Discovery Yacht 100% spacious Verandah Suites Specialist Polar Discovery Team Widest range of discovery excursions in the Par regions Average of two discovery excursions per day* Active discovery experiences – Zodiac cruising, kayaking and snowshoeing Expert-led range of Scenic Freechoice shore excursions  …

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Ready to Take the Polar Plunge With Scenic?

Scenic visits the Antarctic Peninsula’s west coast…a land of white icescapes, towering peaks and a maze of protected channels, home to vast colonies of penguins, seals and pods of whales. It’s the perfect place to experience a polar plunge! Every day will be a feast for the senses, a veritable parade of wildlife as you savor a rare chance to witness a part of the world few have set foot upon. What’s Included 200-guest luxurious Discovery Yacht …

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Marrakesh, Fabled Moroccan City

Please enjoy this story from my friend Richard Joseph from his recent visit to Marrakesh in Morocco … It wasn’t Crosby, Stills and Nash’s 1969 “Marrakesh Express,” but rather Ryan Air that deposited us in this fabled Moroccan city. Outside of the modern airport a prearranged taxi took us back in time, it seemed, to the edge of the old city or medina. A quick glance revealed there was no way this taxi could get into the …

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All About the Galapagos Islands and Why Everyone Wants to Visit This Remote Destination

Image courtesy of photographer Goran Thulin

The Galápagos Islands of Ecuador are becoming a must-see destination for their remarkable natural environments with native wildlife in sea and on land, incredible shore excursions, ecotourism, and delectable restaurants. The Galápagos Islands offer 19 volcanic islands, with Galápagos tortoises settling to give birth on Isla Bartolomé. Stroll or hike on land with flamingos and iguanas. Mountain bike in Santa Cruz or San Cristóbal- the off-beaten paths are sure to provide the thrill of a lifetime. Explore …

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The Galapagos, a Celebrity Flora Itinerary

Daniel Allen Galapagos Beach

The Celebrity Flora- this evolutionary new ship arrived in 2019 and features extraordinary creature comforts. Here is an example itinerary, from the May 24, 2020 sailing. This itinerary makes stops in: Baltra Island Daphne Major Gardner Bay (Espanola) Punta Suarez Cormorant Point Post Office Bay Moreno Point Urvina Bay Espinoza Point Vicente Roca Point South Plaza (Santa Cruz Island) Dragon Hill (Santa Cruz Island) Puerto Ayora Baltra Island For more information on this itinerary, please visit: …

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Culinary Options in Galapagos Islands- Recommendations for Restaurants

Image courtesy of photographer Daniel Allen

With restaurants offering fresh local seafood, Argentinian dishes, pizza, desserts, local Galápagos coffee, vegetarian dishes, and cocktails made with local fruits and juices, the culinary options available in the Galápagos are sure to please any palate.*The restaurant La Garrapata is located on the island of Puerto Ayora. La Garrapata is a restaurant tourists and locals love to frequent. They present each patron meals which include seafood, chicken dishes, and some pasta dishes. Be sure to check out …

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Things to do in the Galapagos

Daniel Allen Galapagos Sunrise

View native wildlife and plants, picturesque white sandy beaches, 19 volcanic islands, endless mountain biking trails, snorkeling, and the Charles Darwin Research Center. The Galápagos Islands offer an incredible walk through history with the Natural History Museum. Learn about the giant Galapagos tortoises, sharks, sea lions, and many other wonders of the Galapagos. Join local companies and associations working to preserve the natural habitat of the Galapagos. You will be taught eco-friendly ways of fishing and farming …

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When to Cruise for the Best Cruise Prices (CruiseCompete Cruise Bite #5 Podcast)

Tune In with CruiseCompete CEO Bob Levinstein to CruiseCompete Cruise Bite #5 podcast and find out When to Cruise for the Best Cruise Prices. Travel prices fluctuate based on the time of year, and cruise prices are no exception. Bob explains the one simple rule that dictates the majority of cost differences, as well as tells you the very best time to cruise for absolute best rates. Click here to tune in to the podcast! CruiseCompete CEO …

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Fresh Produce 365 Days A Year On Board Scenic Eclipse

Scenic Eclipse guests enjoy fresh produce 365 days per year with ship’s innovative Urban Cultivator Story and photos courtesy of Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours November 2019 – “You are what you eat” as the saying goes and nowhere is this more apt than on onboard Scenic Eclipse, where the innovative Urban Cultivator provides a constant supply of fresh herbs and micro vegetables to the ships four main kitchens. The Urban Cultivator provides a self-contained growing environment …

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