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Thanksgiving Bahamian cruise aboard Carnival Fantasy from Charleston, SC

I am a planner. There is not a trip I have been on in my adult life, especially once I became a parent, that I have not planned far in advance with detailed lists of activities and hotels and restaurants-I love a good spreadsheet. So in October when I saw a fantastic deal on a […]

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Artsy Oslo-Art and architecture shine along the fjord in Norway’s capital

By Katherine Rodeghier It’s a cow all right. White with black spots, a calf sliced open head to tail, preserved with Formaldehyde and suspended in a clear case, its innards revealed for all to see. Animal lovers might freak, but this passes for art in an edgy museum in the toniest neighborhood of Oslo. Shocking, […]

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Prague, Europe’s free and easy capital

By Katherine Rodeghier You gotta love a city where beer is cheaper than water. Sitting at an outdoor café on one of Prague’s most popular public squares, my husband and I expected to pay top dollar for our lunch. As we waited for our room to be ready on our first day, we lolled around […]

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Carnival Corporation launches new brand and travel category

This week in the historic, recently-renovated grand United Palace Theatre in Washington Heights, New York, Carnival Corporation created some history of its own with the launch of fathom™, a new brand geared to social impact travel. fathom impact travel (yes, lower case), operating as a stand-alone brand — the 10th for Carnival Corp — will […]

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RCCL’s Quantum: A huge new ship with an intimate ambiance

By Katharine Dyson Quantum of the Seas, Royal Caribbean’s new “Wow” ship, started off with strong positive vibes from the time we stepped onto the sidewalk just outside the entrance to the pier in Bayonne, New Jersey. Looking at my watch it took us but 7 minutes to get from dock to our room on […]

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The Romance of French Polynesia

By Georgina Cruz The angelfish glided elegantly in the azure water past our terrace and paused to examine one of the stilts of our overwater bungalow. We took its presence as an invitation to plunge right in, getting up from our lounge chairs, retrieving snorkel equipment from a wooden compartment on the terrace and descending […]

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We had a glorious day in St. Thomas, but came away empty-handed from our shopping foray

By Gerry Barker ABOARD AZAMARA QUEST, DAY TEN – While we still feel the disappointment of missing Virgin Gorda, it is a glorious (and calm) day dockside in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas. High swells forced a change in our final port of call, and we had evidence of those on the way over last night […]

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St. Maarten is always fun to visit, but we are going to miss our stop in Virgin Gorda

By Gerry Barker ABOARD AZAMARA QUEST, DAY NINE – Might as well start with the news update from the Bridge: We won’t be going to Virgin Gorda, the last stop on our cruise and the one probably most anticipated by many, including myself. Sigh. Unexpectedly high waves have compromised the use of the tenders, and […]

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St. Barts is your destination for high end shopping; however, we pull out early to head to St.Maarten

By Gerry Barker ABOARD AZAMARA QUEST, DAY EIGHT – You don’t have to be rich and famous to come to St. Barts (or St. Barths, or Saint Barthelemy – you’ll see all variations of the name), but definitely being the former will help. This way station for the jet set features the highest of high […]

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It’s smart to take a tour or have a game plan if you want to explore the small island of Nevis

By Gerry Barker ABOARD AZAMARA QUEST, DAY SEVEN – It’s early Friday morning and we are anchored off the small island of Nevis (pronounced KNEE-vis). Nearby is its larger counterpart, St. Kitts. The waters here are very still and quiet, and of course, deeply blue. The forecast is hot and sunny; with more hot and […]

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