Toiletry freebies a nice gift on Carnival cruise ships

unnamedSounds silly but whenever I check into a Carnival cruise ship, I’m always curious to see what little freebies they have put in my cabin bathroom.

An amenity basket in every cabin is filled with an odd assortment of  toiletries, free samples and money-saving coupons. One time my daughter Kelly and I got men’s aftershave, some chocolate candy,  razors and bottles of sunscreen.

We ate the candy, my daughter took the aftershave and razors home to her son and we used the sunscreen.

On my most recent cruise, the basket on the bathroom counter had two tubes of toothpaste, two packs of motion sickness pills and some hand lotion. My cabin attendant left me several more tubes of toothpaste throughout my weeklong cruise.

“It’s our way of saying ‘welcome.’ Sort of a hospitality gift,” said Carnival Magic Cruise Director James Dunn.

It is nice. And the small tubes of toothpaste come in quite handy. Since I take only carry-on luggage, I’m always looking for three ounce or less toothpaste tubes. Just another way Carnival Cruise Lines tries to please its passengers. I appreciate it.

 Photo by Jackie Sheckler Finch

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2 Responses to Toiletry freebies a nice gift on Carnival cruise ships

  1. Jennifer Davenport January 21, 2014 at 7:04 am #

    I always check out the same thing when I am staying at hotels. What is really surprising, as well as an extra treat, is that the freebies are not cheapies. They are wonderful products. I love hotel shampoos and soap.

  2. Gerd reeder June 17, 2015 at 3:21 pm #

    I was on Carnival MIRACLE last January, 15 days to Hawaii. I did not get any extra goodies in my bathroom (I had a balcony). I used to get those extras years ago. The extras would have come in handy because I brought my niece and her 2 children (11/13). The airline lost their luggage and it took 9 days before we got it in Hawaii. No toothpaste was available in the ship’s store. The store manager gave my niece his toothpaste which was very generous of him. It was a very difficult for 9 days, but the ship’s company was very helpful. So I wish they would put these goodies back on.
    P.S. We are booked again in January 2016 same ship/cruise. We had such a great time even without the luggage.

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