The ship observes Veterans Day and we visit the island of Lazarote

Boats high and dry in Lazarote during high tide

Boats high and dry in Lazarote during low tide

Wednesday, November 11, 2009…My Equinox diary

Today is Veteran’s Day (celebrated as Remembrance Day in the UK). There were a few observances on board the Celebrity Equinox. There was a memorial service in the morning which about 300 passengers attended, followed by a reception for veterans and then a moment of silence for the entire ship. It was nice to see that the special day did not go by unnoticed.

I took some time off for myself this morning and got an excellent pedicure in the salon. Peta Gaye Warren from Jamaica pampered me for an hour and a half…so even though it was probably the most expensive foot job I have ever had it seemed worth it.

We reached Lazarote (rhymes with Pavarotti) in the Canary Islands at noon. This is a volcanic island that is quite dark and barren in its center. We did not take a shore excursion here today but rather walked around the capital of Arrecife, where once again we were caught by all the stores closing from 1:30-4:30, as they do in Spain. So we really did’t see much except for a number of small boats in the lagoon that were high and dry due to the low tide.

Most people who did go in excursions visited the Parc Nacional de Timanfaya which is located in the black volcanic plains. They reported that the views were stark and moon-like. Some of them actually rode camels in this black desert.

Like most of the Canary Islands, Lazarote is a popular beach resort for Europeans and Brits, although I think its lack of greenery makes it as pretty as other islands.

Many of the shore excursions arrived back to the ship nearly at dinner time so this evening on board was fairly calm. When we arrived back in our rooms that evening they had sent us a summary of our account for the first half of this trip. Probably a smart idea so passengers can check for errors but who really wants to know?

Tomorrow we go to the island of Tenerife, also in the Canary Islands, and that is our last day in port. Then we leave for six days a sea.

Photo by Chet Janssens

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