The Norwegian Getaway offers nearly 30 places to dine and most offer “light” menus

Back in the day, in the 80s, 90s – up until about five years ago – I made my way from deck to deck on cruise ships by taking the stairs. And I sailed a lot, but I never seemed to gain weight on ships, I (moderately) watched what I ate, but I took the stairs and walked the deck and it seemed to work well for me. When I’d be asked “Don’t you automatically gain weight on ships,” I’d say “no” and tell them my up and down story.

Fast forward to recent history.

I developed a bad back and have had two surgeries in the last four years. I can walk a flight or two, but that’s it. Instead I head to the gym for appropriate exercise and try to climb stairs to the extent I am able.

The funny thing is, at the same time as I went through these life changes, cruise lines began adding “lighter” menu items. Entrees sans sauces, fish and low-calorie vegetarian dishes and a “spa” menu of healthy, well-prepared and attractive menus.

NCL isn’t exactly typical – it has close to 30 places in which passengers can dine – but menus are available for those who keep their eyes on calories in practically every venue.

Celebrity chef and restaurateur Geoffrey Zakarian showcases seafood on the Norwegian Getaway: Ocean Blue by Geoffrey Zakarian, Ocean Blue on The Waterfront and The Raw Bar.

Complimentary dining is available at Courtyard Grill, Flamingo Bar & Grill, Garden Café (the Lido buffet is one of the most complete I’ve ever seen,) the popular hamburger place O’Sheehan’s, Sabrett Hot Dog Cart, Spice H20 and more. Room service is available 24 hours a day.

And while the options are many and varied, the consideration of what can I eat that’s plagued dieters for years has eased considerably on ships like Getaway.

But then, if you absolutely, positively need a sweet fix, Carlos Bake Shop is the place to visit.

Let the buyer beware.

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