The Morrisons visit the leaning Tower of Pisa plus the cathedral and baptistry

My friends Owen and Lesley Morrison from Australia have now moved from the Seabourn Pride to the Seabourn Sojourn and are continuing their European travels.

By Owen Morrison

Special to AllThingsCruise

We are settled after a good night. The bed is big and very comfortable and long and wide. It seems to be bigger than a queen. We didn’t feel any movement during the night although the seas seemed calm. We woke to find we were already docked. It has been all go here with a lot of things happening. One of the speedboats from the back of the boat was taken out by crane and loaded on the back of a truck, an ambulance took someone away, buses arriving for tours and trucks unloading supplies.

We had breakfast upstairs outside and it was great. It’s a buffet but you can also order from the menu. Then we went down to the ship’s “square” where Lesley had coffee and I read the paper. They print a full sized copy of the Australian and other papers every day for everyone to share.

There was a porters strike in Rome yesterday and some people getting on the Pride were late getting to the port. We are in Livorno today and the Pride is here too so they came with us as we left later than the Pride and they will board her today.

We have a lovely big balcony and the cabin is bigger in that we have a bigger walk-in closet, bigger bathroom and more storage space. The bed is bigger which makes it look smaller.

Today we went to Pisa. We went by bus and there were about 20 of us, which left about 20 spare seats. Our bus took us to a shuttle bus that cost some euros that took us to where we could walk along on a pathway with stalls on one side and peddlers all about. The peddlers were okay, if you said “no” they left you alone.

We went into the Miracle Square and not only was there the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but we also saw a huge cathedral and a baptistry which is round and has wonderful echos inside. The cathedral has a huge bell tower and inside the cathedral is wonderful. Our guide spent far too much time telling us about the history of the inside. We took some great photos.

Outside there was the Tower of Pisa and it cost 15 euros to go inside but you have to book days ahead and only a certain number are allowed inside at any given time, because they do not want to put undue strain on the foundations. I did not bother them.

It cost to go into the cathedral and the baptistry, too. The tour, including entrance fees and shuttle cost $119 US. It was a great afternoon. We left at 1:45 p.m. and got back to the ship at 5:30 p.m. I bought a couple of tea towels, but that was all we bought.

We are now sailing to Alicante in Spain and get there tomorrow and then to Portugal on Wednesday.

Saturday, May 7, 2011



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