The Morrisons finish their 9-1/2 week cruise trip in Copenhagen

My friends, Owen and Lesley Morrison from Australia, report on the final leg of their six-week cruise and land tour.

Well, we are on our way back home, we arrived back in Copenhagen yesterday afternoon and we were picked up at the airport by the hotel and for the first time we did not have to pay to get to the hotel. When we leave on Thursday, June 16, we will again be taken to the airport.

They have had a couple of rains the last two days but now the weather is fine and that is good. It was Saturday yesterday and the shops are shut today and we have been told that on Monday there is another public holiday. We struck one in Sweden and now one in Denmark.

We have picked up the bag we left behind in Copenhagen and today we are looking at how we can get all our things in our bags all under the 30kg each, but this time the computer and my coat do not count and Lesley can use the cameras as  extras as we are flying business class. I still think we may need to buy another bag as the one we had is broken and the zipper is busted. We can have two checked bags that make up the 60 kg allowance we have combined.

We are going into town to get a Copenhagen card, so we can travel all around for free as well as getting into a lot of attractions for free.

We walked over to the metro station and found that we needed to have coins or a credit card to purchase tickets. Here they pay for everything from a beer to airline tickets with a credit card using a machine, no operators anywhere, just machines. We did not have enough coins with us. We had notes but they were no good. There was nowhere to get change, so we walked to a large shopping center which was open but no stores were open. So reluctantly we walked back to the hotel to get change to use tomorrow and then we find that the hotel can sell us a metro ticket. That was never explained when we checked in yesterday, ah well, we can do that on Monday.

On Monday we got the train tickets and went into Copenhagen and it took only one station and we were at the Central Station. We found our way out of the station and went to the information center to buy our Copenhagen card which gives us a number of benefits mainly free entry to museums and, best of all, on trains and the metro.

We could have got it at the station, but I thought it would be better at the information center because of the language, but most speak English. We then decided to go on our favorite transport, the hop-on and off buses. Here in Copenhagen there are two choices and after a bit of haggling we went on the green bus and not the red one. We had a lovely almost two hours, only hopping off once because the bus had to go into a secure area where three cruise ships were docked. That was the same place our ship was docked on June 3 and security was tight then also.

We got off at the terminus and got some lunch and then went to a 7 Eleven I saw just up the street and got some chocolate for Lesley and a bottle of diet coke for me as the mini bar costs in our room are huge. We then walked back to the station only to find a 7 Eleven there as well as a number of eating places. Ah well, we will know better next time.

With all the different train’s tracks and the metro we asked the station master and he told us that we needed to find the airport train and that would take us back to where we got on this morning. We found that and went to the platform to find a train waiting and we hopped on and they have a first class area and a second class area and that was where we sat and went back to the hotel. We will have a nana and a poppa nap this afternoon and then catch up with our packing and our paperwork and sorting out our photos. We also have to charge up the batteries for the computer, the camera and the mobile phone. The new part I bought on the ship has come in vary handy over here and the converter does not fall out of the wall anymore.

I have whittled the photos down from over 2,000 to about 300 on the first go and that will be culled again before we show the family.

Tuesday is not a holiday here and we are going back into town and go on a canal tour and hopefully there will not be six cruise ships in town. Today there was a NCL ship, a Celebrity ship, a Costa ship, a Royal Caribbean ship, a Crystal ship and one other I could not see the name of. Most most were over 2,000 passengers. They get over 330 cruise ships a year and the majority are in the three summer months.

We met some Americans at dinner last night and most were going on the Norwegian ship on a 10-day cruise, but one couple had a horrible story to tell. They were on the Costa ship in St. Petersburg and they had their passports stolen and the wife also had her cruise card taken as well and that meant that they could not get back on the ship because they had to show their passports to the Russian border station as we did when we left Russia. They went to the American embassy and got someone before they closed for the day and then had to stay in Russia until a new visa and passport was issued.

To get the visa they had to answer some weird questions like where did you go to school, what jobs have you had over the last 40 years and the name and contact of the boss and what clubs and association did they belong. They made it up and eventually they were allowed to leave some days later and came to Copenhagen to meet the ship. The man could get on the ship here but the wife could not because she had lost the cruise card. So they rang the ship’s agent in London because, believe it or not, Costa does not have a ship’s agent here. The only things they had were the clothes they were wearing the day it happened. They managed to buy a couple of things, but all their money, medicines and clothes were on the ship. We hope all went well today.

We looked at our bags and our clothes and the things we bought while we were away and decided that we may get away with buying Lesley a large hand bag which she entitled to have as well as her carry-on baggage on the Singapore Airlines plane as a Business Class passenger.

If we need to buy a bag, we can do that later in Singapore for her purchases there. If necessary, I guess we can post home some things from Singapore.

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